Zombie Green Katana Ninja Samurai Sword

Zombie Green Katana Ninja Samurai Sword
A perfect gift or collectors item

zombie hunter green katana ninja samurai sword

Zombie Hunter Green Katana. Total length of this Samurai is 40 inch with a 27 inch high carbon steel blade. Wooden handle wrapped in green cord. Black blade with green “blood spatter” silk printing. Amazing price!



The Amazing Zombie Hunter Green Samurai Sword

It’s been a fascination for the kids and teenagers to be there at the Sci Fi world and do something that we normally see in the movies. It’s like a dream come true for them if they find something which relates very much with their fantasies and fascination.

Something like this is going to happen when they will see this amazing Zombie Hunter Green katana Ninja Samurai Sword. As a kid, you may had pictured something in your mind about saving the world and fighting the evils, now you can let your kids have the same feel with this sword.

We are going to discuss the product in brief but before that, it is very important that whoever buy and use it is at least 18 years of age and is fully aware of the consequences that it may come up with.

The carbon steel blade

This needs no introduction that this zombie sword is an absolute gift item. The overall length of the product is 40-inch and the blade is 27-inch long. It’s carbon steel blade and it is sharp enough. The blade is perfectly shaped and black in color.

In order to make things more realistic, there are green blood splatters on it. This makes it look more appealing and this excites the users. The blade is black in color and it is sharp in one side and thick on the other side.

The blade is made with carbon steel with and is sharpen at the edge while the other side is flat.

The overall body

The overall body presence of the sword is attractive enough. The handle is made with wood and that is nicely wrapped up with green cord that not only enhances the style and design, it also makes the grip comfortable enough for the users.

The overall length is 40-inch which makes it easy to carry and play with. You might have noticed the Tsuba on the katana and here is square in shape and that contains a biohazard emblem on it.

Unique quality and design

This is something that turns this product into a special one. There are many ninja swords available but this one looks absolutely different from the others. The scabbard is made of woods and that adds to the elegance of this product.

The scabbard has a textured black finish this will make the sword an easy carrying thing. The design is no doubt excellent and when it comes to the quality, this Z-hunter product is a perfect quality emblem.


Some exclusive features of the sword

  • This sword is 40 inch long
  • The blade is 27-inch long
  • The scabbard is wrapped with neon green cord
  • High carbon black steel blade
  • This amazing sword is available at an exclusive price
  • The blade is really high performing and designed with green blood splatters
  • Perfect gift or Collector’s item
  • 11 inch wooden handle
  • 4 out of 5 stars rating from previous buyers

Super Price for a Super Sword

This amazing samurai sword will be yours for a very good price when you act now. You will get a 30% discount on the normal price. This sword wil be packed gorilla proof and will be delivered at your front door within days.

Previous buyers rated this Zombie hunter green samurai sword with 4 out of 5 stars rating. This sword is an excellent buy and it will be the centerpiece of your collection. So don’t hesitate and take your special discount now.

One can buy this product from any genuine store and it is available at an amazing offer price which makes it a must to have in collection.



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