Whetstone Cutlery Dragon Samurai Sword Set, Black

samurai sword set blackTake a look at  this extreme cool sword set from Whetstone cutlery. This is a three-pieces Dragon Samurai Sword Set that’s waiting to join your collection. This nice swordset includes a 39.5 inch katana sword, a wakizashi sword of 29 inches and a 19 inch tanto sword with on the wooden scabbard a beautiful printed gold dragon.

This Samurai sword set is a perfect item for your collection. Included you wil find a black elegant wooden display that matches perfectly with this amazing samurai sword set. It comes in a box that measures 42 x 6 x 5 inches and weights 6.4 pounds and is delivered at your front door within 24 hours. The swords are oiled against rust.

Keep in mind that the blades are not sharpened and that the samurai sword set is only used for decoration.

This is a real bargain today. Normally this samurai sword set costs above $100, now temporary you get a huge discount when you buy this set. The price for the moment is only $34,00. This means that you get a discount of 75%. More than 200 costumers has bought this set (and they probably paid the full price for it).

So don’t wait and act now to get your 75% discount.


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samurai sword set black







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  1. Herald Grime

    Delivered at my frontdoor as said. Correct shipping and blades are oiled. Correct seller, will buy again

  2. Mr x

    My brother bought this one. Now i have to buy one too so we can fight with the same weapons. Samurai VS Samurai

  3. Zombie killer

    Killed 13 zombies with this set. Like the 3 samurai swords. Now be quit, i’m waiting for zombie number 14

  4. Michael

    Looks good as decoration. Wouldn’t use it for killing zombies. But decent sword set at a really nice price

  5. Figther

    Yes Yes, bought in promotion, even 10% cheaper as usual. Love my new sword set for only $37

  6. Yuri

    Love the dragons on the wooden scabbard. Nicely done for such a low price

  7. Chris

    This samurai sword set is worth the money. Also shipped correct and fast

  8. levi

    Like it. the sword set is in my room and i like to impress my girlfriend with it. Samurai swords rules

  9. guy

    Looks great. My wife wouldn’t let me buy it, but when it arrived, she loved it. Now she’s thinking of becoming a samurai fighter 🙂

  10. Michael

    Very nice samurai set, really cheap too. Must buy

  11. christian

    Realy nice looking samurai sword set. As described

  12. Reginald

    This samurai sword set looks amazing on my chimney, thanks for the hint

  13. Master

    Very nice Sword set. I Really like the dragons on the samurai swords

  14. Suzan

    Thanks for this amazing sword, my boyfriend loves it

  15. Goose

    This is a really nice samurai sword set. thanks for the quick delivery

  16. shawn

    Just added this samurai set to my collection. Looks really great

  17. Hardy

    This is a real nice samurai set. Looks amazing on my chimney

  18. jimmy

    Really loves the dragons on the swords, looks amazing

  19. louise

    Nice looking sword, Good quality for a good price. Will come again

  20. Jay

    Beautiful samurai sword. Love the dragon tattoo

  21. Erin

    Very nice samurai sword set. Was delivered within 48 hours and blades where oiled in again rust. Good seller

  22. Dave

    This sword set is the real deal. Very beautiful decorative sword set. Low price, high quality

  23. Greg

    We did not just received an amazing samurai sword set. We also received a small gift within. A small desk top samurai sword used as a letter opener. It looks great

  24. michael

    Very good looking sword set! The blades have a really cool sharpening patern en awesome asian writing. They arrived oiled protected against rust. The covers have beautiful dragons on them. I can’t stop talking about these samurai swords.

  25. jimmy

    Amazing sword set for the money. You cannot beat these. I am not a collector of swords, just wanted a samurai sword set that looked good on my wall an didn’t cost to much. Well i found it. Looks great on the shelf.

  26. Chris

    Excellent workmanship. The blades are very well made, and so is the wooden stand. Not a flaw on them. Very nice samurai sword set

  27. Melvin

    I ordered this samurai sword set just for the looks. The shipping was really fast and the swords very well packed! Did not expect this kind of quality. They are awesome

  28. manolo

    Superb samurai set! I ordered once before here and already noticed the quality deals. And now again, WOW, Super low price for this amazing sword set. Thanks

  29. Laurel

    You will be amazed! I didn’t expect much when I ordered this samurai sword set. But they are awesome. Words from a happy costumer

  30. steven

    This is a steal of a deal. For the price these samurai swords are really worth the money. Looks amazing on my wall

  31. Gwendolyn

    Really nice sword set. It looks very expensive, but the real price is awesome. I”ve paid mine $39 and I would buy it again

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