Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword

High Carbon Steel Straight Samurai Sword

Wakizashi straight samurai sword with long Bo-hi made of high carbon steel

wakizashi japanese samurai sword

Wakizashi straight samurai sword – High carbon steel- Blade with long Bo-hi – Shijian Japanese sword – Fully handmade – Full tang – Razor sharp – Free engravement on blade – Free sword bag – Special price




Have you been finding it hard to identify a superior kind of samurai sword that will stand the test of time? Have you been repeatedly disappointed after wasting your hard earned money on fake and substandard swords that failed to fulfil their promise?

You are now fed up, because you felt you’ve lost too much money trying to buy at least a good enough kind of samurai sword. We understand your predicaments. But wait! We’ve got what you’re looking for!

Hijian carbon steel Japanese Samurai Straight Sword Wakizashi is the outright solution to this confusion. A unique kind of samurai sword that never seize to amaze the users not just by its aesthetic appeal but also it’s strength and courage.

Built to capture the attention of every sword lover, this sword comes with a long bo-hi which add to its aesthetic appeal as well as the strength and efficiency. You’ll be really glad you bought this if you do. You are just a click away from keeping this unique masterpiece all to yourself.

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Dimensions :

This Astonishing hijian carbon steel sword comes with a full tang and a long bo-hi , a whooping 19,5 inch (50cm) blade length , 1.2 inches (3. 2cm) blade width,  blade thickness of  0.25 inches (0.7 cm).

The handle is made of synthetic ray skin +Silk Ito and has a length of 10 inches (26cm)

Ultra-Sharp Blade : 

The sharpness of the blade of this Samurai Straight  is enough reason why this highly potent weapon must be handled with an absolute caution. It is made of hardened  carbon Steel .

the blade is strong enough to cut down a bamboo tree with just a strike. And sharp enough to slice thru paper.

Magnificent Craftsmanship:

This high carbon steel samurai sword is an outright representation of the  marvellous innovativeness in human creative ability.

It is made using the customary sword making methods of the Japanese heritage which involves toughening, extinguishing and hand Polishing with multiple grade honing stone .

At your demand, we will engrave english or chinese characters on the blade at no extra costs. Also a dragon is possible on the blade for a smal extra cost.

Historic Masterpiece:

hijian carbon steel Japanese Samurai Straight Sword Wakizashi is a beautifully designed ancient sword.

It  is clearly traced back to the Japanese heritage of sword  making techniques over 2600 years ago.

Great Price for Amazing Sword:

hijian carbon steel Japanese Samurai sword is a clear expression of absolute uniqueness from unique craftsman.

Our products quality always stand out of the crowd of the substandard ones. Join our happy customers today and add this to your cart.

Free Shipping and Free Bag:

Shipping for this amazing samurai sword is completely free. It will be packed gorillaproof and delivered at your front door in no time.

As a gift to our new costumers, you get a free sword bag when delivered.


  • Wakizashi straight samurai sword
  • High carbon steel
  • Long Bo-hi
  • Razor sharp blade
  • Full tang Shijian sword
  • Fully handmade
  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Free engravement on the blade
  • Historic masterpiece
  • Free sword bag included as a gift
  • Packed gorillaproof and shipped for free
  • Special warrior discount

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Video: Wakizashi Straight Samurai Sword



More pictures:

Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword high carbon steel
Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword
Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword 1
Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword blade tip
Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword handle






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