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Rose Tsuba Samurai Sword Wood Color scabbard

Fully handmade samurai sword with rose tsuba Full tang Japanese samurai sword with wooden color scabbard and high carbon steel sword Auway 40 inch samurai sword – Full tang sword – Amazing quality – 100% handmade – Amazing price – extremely sharp – High carbon steel – Japanese Katana – Stunning workmanship – Slices paper – …

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Octagon Tsuba Samurai Sword Black Scabbard

Fully Handmade Samurai Sword with Octagon Tsuba Full tang Japanese Katana with high carbon steel blade and black scabbard Full Tang sword – Auway 40 inch samurai sword – 100% handmade – High carbon steel – Japanese Katana – Slices paper – Cut bamboo – Amazing quality – Amazing price – Extremely sharp – Stunning …

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Japanese Handmade Katana Samurai Sword Sharp Orchid

Check out this amazing handmade Orchid Katana. A Samurai sword made from the Japanese tradition where the Orchid was the symbol of the fortitude, training and bravery of the samurai . Many Samurai has travelled extremely long distances and extreme perfil searching for wild orchids to return for public acclaim. This samurai sword is battle …

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