Shijian Full Tang Samurai Sword


shijian full tang samurai sword

Take a look at this amazing shijian Samurai Sword. A full tang katana with 1095 high carbon steel blade. The 40 inch clay tempered Katana is real sharp and wil cut thru anything. Buy this samurai sword and enter the world of the legends!



The legend of katana swords have always been etched in the minds of many Asian countries and its popularity has made it all the way into Western culture. It is very difficult to get original katana swords as used by samurais but luckily here is the perfect solution.


Perfect Replica Of a Legends Sword

The Shijian clay tempered katana sword is an almost perfect replica of the weapons that were used in ancient cultures. It comprises a length of 40 inches, with the blade itself reaching a staggering 27 inches. Unlike most replicas, the length of the handle of this sword is no longer than the actual blade, which makes sure that you get your money’s worth when you buy it.

What makes this blade so special is the fact that the manufacturers take pride in what they make. They strive to deliver only the best products and they don’t stop until they’ve reached their goal. The Shijian katana sword is definitely one for legends.

Clay tempered blade

The katana sword has been clay tempered which means that it is more durable than regular knock-offs on the market. The clay tempering process is fairly simple, but it comes from a long line of katana specialists and the recipe itself has been known to be a trade secret.

During the process a special clay mixture is added onto the blade to harden the edge. It then undergoes what is called quenching. Here is where the special chemical reaction takes place that ensures its hardness. Carbon is fed into the blade which strengthens it even more so.

Full Tang and Hand Forged

The blade is also full tang and completely hand forged. This hand-polished, hand-sharpened blade makes sure that it has a personalised experience as opposed to machine-manufactured products. It gleams like mirror so you won’t be looking anywhere but forward after your purchase

Versatility and customisation

This is one of the few katana blades where you are in charge of the way it looks. For an extra sum of money you will be able to customise your blade in any way you want to. Think dragons or Chinese engraving. This will add that extra authenticity to your blade without actually damaging the product.

Fully Functional and Razor Sharp

The blade is fully functional and can do more than just hang in your bedroom wall. It has the ability to cut through bamboo in one swipe and you will be able to cut small trees with it effortlessly. It can go even smaller; you can cut paper easily and effectively with this blade. As you can see, this blade is extremely sharp and should be handled with care.

Value for money at an amazing price

Users gave this product an amazing 5 out of 5 stars after they have reviewed it. People praise its look, strength, flexibility, and sharpness. Its price beats almost all its closest competitors, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. Each sword is unique and no two products ever look the same, so you can count on a personalised product!


  • Full Tang and Hand Forged
  • 1095 High Carbon steel
  • Razor Sharp Tempered Blade
  • 27 inch Clay Tempered Blade
  • Hand Polished and Hand-Sharpened
  • 40 inch total lenght
  • Real Legends Sword
  • Amazing Price for Great Value
  • 5 out of 5 stars rating from previous buyers

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