Shijian Folded Steel Samurai Sword Katana

Katana Red Blade Full Tang Samurai Sword

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shijian samurai sword folded steel red blade full tang katana

Shijian Samurai sword with 2048 layers folded steel. Fully handmade and full Tang Katana with beautiful red blade. Free personal engraving on the blade. Collectors item!



Whether you are familiar with the historical significance and use of Samurai swords or simply enjoy the aesthetical appeal, this item is sure to be a treasure for all collectors alike. The sword itself can be measured with an overall length of 41 inches, and with a blade length of 27 inches. The length of the handle is 10.6 inches.


Full Tang Samurai Sword With Carbon Steel Blade

Like many of the Samurai swords used by the Samurai of feudal Japan, this Full Tang Samurai sword displays the beautifully, distinctively crafted curved, slender, single-edged blade like all others of its family.

The blade itself is constructed both out of high quality carbon steel, known for its sharpness, strength, and inflexibility, and lower-carbon steel, known for its flexibility.

The combination of these two varieties of the carbon element give this full tang katana its give and razor sharp characteristics.

Handmade Fully Functional Katana

Handmade with perfect attention to detail and careful attention paid to the workmanship, this beautiful Samurai piece can be studied for its fine-grained blade pattern that exemplifies the dedicated and impressive fold construction that was utilized by its makers.

Used as the reliable and effective weapon of choice for ancient Samurais, this beautiful katana remains fully-functional with little maintenance.

Unbreakable but Bendable Red Blade

The bendable, but unbreakable blade can easily chop bamboo, cut small tree branches, and impressively slice paper and fruit in an impeccable straight-lined manner.

This beautiful red blade sword can be constructed with or without the addition of the Bo Hi sound that is so particular to the Samurai culture.

If the buyer wishes to hear the traditional sound when the sword is swung and cuts through the air, the blood groove/blood vein (Bo Hi) sound can be added when it is constructed.

Comfortable Samurai Sword Handle

What’s more, the buyer can expect to enjoy the comfortable, traditional, and carefully selected Tsuka, or Samurai sword handle.The handle is made of

hard wooden core wrapped with real Ray skin Samegawa and synthetic silk Ito.

All with nice decoration and unique characteristics that pay respect to the historical Samurai culture, the Shijan Folded Steel Red Blade Full Tang Samurai Sword is sure to be a beautiful and significant addition to your Katana collection.

Free Personal Engraving

With the purchase of this sword, the buyer can choose any special character engraving on the blade (in both English or Chinese) for no additional cost. Interested buyers can also choose to add a dragon engraving on the sword for an additional $30.


  • 41 inch overal length
  • Unbreakable 27 inches Red blade
  • Fully functionale
  • Full tang
  • Handmade Katana
  • Sharp Carbon Steel Blade
  • Little maintenance
  • Comfortable Real Ray SkinHandle
  • Free Personal Engraving
  • Amazing price for amazing quality

Amazing Price for Top Quality Collectors Item

This Amazing Samurai Sword is Selling for $180.55, free shipping included. Take a good look at the pictures below and you will notice that this is a very low price for this kind of samurai sword. Unique red blade Katana.

this product can also be purchased along with a beautiful wooden boxed ace martial arts supply Japanese Samurai Katana sword maintenance cleaning kit and an ace martial arts supply single sword display stand for only $20 more.

Order now and you will not regret this beautiful, historical, rare, and fully-functional addition to your collection.

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