See This Replica Ichigo Tensa Handmade Katana Sword

Take a look at this amazing Handmade Replica Ichigo Tensa Katana Sword. This is an almost perfect and excellent full tang Katana Replica. The Ichigo Bankai Samurai sword is full tang and is full functional. This amazing Katana sword has an overall lenght of 41 inches, You will notice that is is very sturdy from end to end. There has been spent a lot of attention to the details and as you can see, this masterpiece can be seen as a high quality workmanship.

Ichigo Tensa Replica KatanaRazor Sharp Carbon Steel Blade

The blade of this katana sword is 27 inches long. It is a razor sharp blade that is made from 1060 high carbon steel. The blade is perfectly black and is cleanly cut. Not only the blade is razor sharp but also the point is extremely sharp. The back of the blade is thick and flat. One arrival the blade will be oiled in against rust.
The scabbard is completely handmade and is painted with a high black gloss finish. It fits perfect to the blade.

Blood Groove (Blood Vein/Bo-Hi)

This amazing Ichigo Bankai Testa replica Katana even has a Bo-Hi (better known as Blood groove or Blood vein). When you take this katana in you hand and you swing the katana, it will cut through the air and you will hear the traditional Bo Hi sound. You will also find that the blade has a very good balance level.
The guard is made of steel and is finished with a black liquid.

Unique in Quality and Designdecoration tsuba

This Full Tang Ichigo Sword is an unique piece when it comes to quality and design. This katana has a very high quality workmanship. The blade is perfect. The handle (Tsuka) and the guard (Tsuba) are made with of excellent craftmanship. The tsuka has a nice dragon decoration on both sides. Also the scabbard is fulle handmade and is a real example of how a good scabbard should be.

This unique replica katana ichigo sword comes with a sword bag and matching sword stand if you want to display it your collection. You want to buy the sword as a gift to your friends or family? No problem, this amazing samurai sword comes with very nice gift box. Now you can give it as one of the coolest presents on the party.

Must Have Collectors Item

Needless to say that this Ichigo Bankai replica sword is a must have for your collection. You can’t leave here without adding this Full Tang Razor Sharp Fully functional Samurai sword to your collection. I’m sure that this will be the centerpiece of every collection. You can choose if you want to use the matching sword stand to display this masterpiece of craftmanship. Or you can display it in the gift box that comes with the sword.

What an Amazing Price for an Amazing Sword

You will probably think that this Ichigo replica Katana will cost you over one hundred dollars. And honestly, this kind of craftmanship should normally cost you over a 100 dollars. But here is the surpise, this amazing sword only costs $60. Yes it’s really the thruth, I’m not making this up. This beautiful katana sword is now for sale for ONLY $ 60.

But don’t wait for it, there are only 9 pieces left in stock. And chances are that this price will increase very soon, probably it will go for over $ 100 if you wait to long. Buy it now if you want to add it to your collection. Remeber, Only 9 pieces left. After purchase this Full Tang samurai sword will be delivered at your front door packed carefully in a box. It will be the best money you spent this year.

Amazing Samurai Sword


  • Overall Length of this sword is  41″.
  • The Blade is 27″ , it’s made with High Carbon Steel and Razor Sharp.
  • This Amazing Sword is Full Tang is fully functional.
  • Masterpiece with very high quality workmanship.
  • This Ichigo Replica Katana comes with Sword Bag, Sword Stand and Gift Box.
  • Amazing price for an Amazing Sword.
  • Truly a rare collectors item

This Ichigo Replica Katana is very rare and will be the centerpiece of your collection. This is a rare masterpiece with only nine left. Hurry and be sure to buy this masterpiece before someone else does and you can’t get it anymore.

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  1. Jeremy

    I love this sword. It’s a well made, heavy, good quality katana. The solid black blade is a real masterpiece, also thanks to the great decorations.

  2. Fruitcake

    It cuts my fruit like none other does. I’m ready for some zombie action with my samurai sword

  3. Jenna

    Bought this replica katana as a gift for my boyfriend. He was very happy with it. Said it was the nicest one of his collection

  4. Erik

    I was suprised to see that the saya was truly handmade. Very nice replica katana.

  5. Dexter

    Excellent replica katana for an excellent price.

  6. Gino

    The balance blade of this replica katana is suprising level and the point of the blade (and blade itself) are extremely sharp. Be careful when you unpack the sword.

  7. William

    This replica katana is 95% perfect replication. The handle and blade are really beautiful crafted.

  8. Duncan

    A good samurai sword with a very good finish on the paint. It left me the feeling that its well worth the money I paid for it.

  9. Gregory

    Because i don’t have the money to buy a real katana, I decided to buy this replica Ichigo Tensa Katana sword.
    I have to say, it is well worth the money and can recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying this samurai sword.

  10. George

    This samurai sword is a heavy solid sword. It doesn’t have any cheap plastic parts. It was delivered in a nice case and perfectly on time.

  11. Christos

    It is able to cut if you use properly. very good finish on the paint. I wish the chain was a bit shorter. It feels like you get more than what you paid for.

  12. Jason

    Came exactly as described. After checking it out, my Uncle is considering purchasing as well to use for his martial arts practicing.

  13. Kristin

    The blade is actually better than the one that is shown in the preview image. It was Very sharp and like mentioned before also fully functional. I was impressed of the high quality for only $60. I would take it to battle with me when i needed to!

  14. Sean

    Its a razor sharp, sturdy, great sword and its got some weight to it. I dare to say that this is my favorite samurai sword in my collection.

  15. Eric

    Love this replica Katana Sword. And was lucky to buy it real cheap.

  16. Jason

    Amazing samurai sword. really nice replica of the ichigo Tenso Katana sword. Well worth the money

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