Samurai Wooden Training Bokken Black 39-Inch Overall

This black wooden samurai training bokken is perfect to practice and perfect your samurai skills. This is the perfect samurai training sword for your exercise. You will notice that the weight and the length are just the same as your other katana, and therefore is perfect for your training

Samurai wooden training bokkenQuality Samurai Training Bokken

This is not a trainings sword like other shoddy wooden practice katanas that are poorly manufactered. This wooden Daito practice sword offers you the correct practicality and stability you need when training. This samurai trainig bokken has a oak construction with a dark-stain finish and is pattended after the classic katana sword.

Comfortable Cord-wrapped HandleHandle and designed tsuba

The handle is cord-wrapped so it is more comfortable to use and it also provides a better grip when your training with this wooden practice katana. Because the handle is cord-wrapped, it really feels and looks more like a genuine samurai sword. It will last thru dozens of your training sessions. Most of the other samurai trainings sword you will find do not have this cord-wrapped handle.

Special Designed Tsuba and Blade

blade and tip of sword This wooden trainings bokken has a two-piece guard design tsuba. This tsuba is   very sturdy and especially created to protect both you hands as the guard itself. Thanks to this special designed tsuba, the changes that you will break the sword are far more lesser then with a normal training sword.

The blade of the sumarai training sword has a kissak at the end of the tip and the blade itself has a pentagonal spine. The length of this wooden training bokken is perfect. The blade measures 30 inches and the whole sword has a total length of 39 inches. You will find it perfect for training as it is perfectly patterned after an normal classic katana sword.

Very Low Price For High Quality Bokken

This is one of the best wooden samurai training swords you will find. For an amazing low price of only $12,45 this is a no brainer. You will not find any other training sword with the same quality as this one for the same or a cheaper price. If you are really interested, make sure to buy this quality samurai training sword now. The price already went up because of the high popularity of this wooden training bokken. The longer you wait, the more you will pay.

As always this black wooden samurai training bokken will be packed gorilla proof and it will be delivered at your front door. Start training now and become the ultimate warrior, or kinda.


• Black Bokken Wood Daito Practice Sword
• Samurai practice sword patterned after classic katana swords
• Oak construction with dark-stained finish
• Cord-wrapped handle for better grip and heavy use
• 2-piece guard design tsuba that protects hands and guard itself
• Sword measures 39 inches total; blade measures 30 inches

We are sure that you will have lots of training fun when you buy this wooden training sword.


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  1. Dominique

    This is a really good training sword. I now used it a few times for training and it’s a perfect training bokken

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