Samurai Warriors

Discover everything you want to know about the best samurai wariors ever. Why they became the best samurai fighters and what they had to do to get the best warriors in the world.

10 Most Famous Samurai warriors ever

10 Most Famous Samurai Warriors Ever

Discover who the 10 best samurai warriors ever are! Top 10 Samurai Warriors in the world’s history. Samurai warriors are part of japan history, they are well known for their courage and nobility. Samurai are the integral part of japan culture, they are warriors that come from the classes of elites. They are popular for …

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oda nobunaga samurai warrior

Oda Nobunaga – Samurai Warrior

In the late Sengoku period, the attempted unification of japan by Oda Nobunaga, the great Daimyo of Japan In the late 16th century. He was given birth to on the 23rd of June 1534, his birth place was in the Owari. Kippōshi was the name given to him as a child. Being the second son …

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