Samurai Sword White Dragon Katana

Katana White Dragon Carbon Steel Samurai Sword

40 inch katana white dragon samurai sword with stand. Special Price Today!

Samurai sword ninja white dragon katana

Samurai sword white dragon with stand. 40 inch katana with Japanese lettering engraved.  Detailed Tsuba, Habaki, and Kashira. Collectors Item. Now Special Price!



If you’re a martial arts enthusiast or a collector of unique objects, then this Japanese styled Samurai Ninja Katana sword will surely amaze you.Today it’s availlable with unique matching stand. Discover our special discount price here!


Made from white dragon carbon steel and 40 inches long (total length including scabbard). The samurai sword has a  total lenght of 37 inches. The carbon steel blade measures 26 inches and the blade is 10 inches long.

It comes with a wood matte black display stand so you can showcase this valuable item on your mantelpiece. This will add an oriental touch to your home, and give it that distinctive look which will get the admiration of any visitors or fans of the Japanese tradition.


Curved Katana Blade

The katana sword is characterized by its distinctive appearance with a curved, slender and single-edged blade which comes with a squared guard, and the length provides a strong grip when held in both hands.

The sword weighs around 2 pounds, and comes with a free shipping offer. It is quite heavy to be used for martial arts training, but works perfectly as a decorative display.

However, it might be suitable for some beginner users who do not want to learn and practice with a wooden sword.

Detailed Tsuba, Habaki, and Kashira

The sword is intricately detailed with Tsuba, Habaki, and Kashira legends which go way back in time, and are part of the Japanese culture and history.

The sword is encased in a scabbard with a white cord wrapped handle for hanging or lifting the sword. The handle is 10 inches long which gives the sword a nice grasp.

Carbon Steel  Engraved Blade

The carbon steel blade itself is 26 inches in length, and beautifully carved with a slender blunt edge.

The blade is engraved with a Japanese lettering with a gold dragon symbol. The Japanese inscription is worded as an inspiring quote which when translated into English means “Since Ancient Times to the present, God is with the compatriot”.

The blade is only partially sharpened before the delivery to ensure that the product reaches safely, and can be put securely on display if only to be used for ornamental purposes. However, it can be sharpened by a certified sword master or handler if needed for practice.

Collector’s Item With Excellent Workmanship

The product is delivered at your frontdoor and is packed gorillaproof in a nice box. It is well maintained with oil, so it doesn’t lose its lustrous shine along the way. It comes at an amazingly affordable price if you buy it before the sale ends.

It can make a perfect gift for someone who is into samurai and ninja warrior stuff. It can also make a valuable collector’s item, and the fine workmanship that goes into making the sword is worth the envy of any curious spectator or house guests.


  • 40 inch long Samurai Sword
  • Collector’s Item
  • Curved Katana Blade
  • Detailed Tsuba, Habaki, and Kashira
  • Carbon Steel 26 inch Long Blade
  • Engraved with Japanese Lettering
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Cord Wrapped Handle
  • Free Shipping
  • Amazing Price and Warranty

Amazing Price For Amazing Samurai Sword

Whether you want to hang it as a prop, display it on the stand or take the sword out of the scabbard to show off your skills, you won’t regret purchasing this item at such a surprisingly low cost, and with free shipping included in the deal.

You can check with the manufacturer about the warranty, and the product is normally shipped within the week of receiving payment. The sword is packed nicely and securely so you obtain the item without any damage, and in the best condition to surpass your expectations.

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