Rose Tsuba Samurai Sword Wood Color scabbard

Fully handmade samurai sword with rose tsuba

Full tang Japanese samurai sword with wooden color scabbard and high carbon steel sword

auway samurai sword rose tsuba wood color scabbard

Auway 40 inch samurai sword – Full tang sword – Amazing quality – 100% handmade – Amazing price – extremely sharp – High carbon steel – Japanese Katana – Stunning workmanship – Slices paper – Cuts bamboo




Looking for that trustworthy and dependable Katana Samurai Sword made by a reputable and respected company, but have always ended up buying the wrong brands which are nothing but a waste of time and resources.

We know how frustrating this can be, you might even stopped searching because of your fruitless search results.

Today is your lucky day, you don’t have to worry no more about buying another counterfeit. Auway® is the real deal. This piece was manually and skillfully  crafted out, a unique masterpiece in its own class, forged to leave you with a lasting impression that there’s still a real unmatched quality in spite of numerous sub standards that have flooded the market.

The Katana Samurai Sword, is that sword that gives you a lasting impression and even increases your love for swords. It is kind of product that you want to tell friends and loved ones because you don’t always find its kind in the market.

Count yourself lucky for this rare opportunity. So hurry and go get your sword now while the stock lasts.


Excellent Craftmanship:

Auway katana samurai sword is a 100% outstanding creativity.

Created from schematic blueprint of the traditional sword making techniques of the Chinese origin which involves annealing, tempering, quenching and hand polishing with multiple grade sharpening stone.

A perfect and whole identification of the amazing creativity in man’s imagination and invention.


Unique in its own way, the samurai sword has an overall length 40,5 inches (103 cm).  The length of the blade is 28 inch (72 cm) and the length of the handle is 10.4 inch (26,5 cm).

The total weight of this Auway katana is 2,4lb (1,1 kg)

Sharp Edged Sword:

Made from hardened premium stainless steel and comes with blade length of 72cm/28inches sharpened by the Japanese standard and overall weight of 1.1kg.

An extremely beautiful and potentdazzling sword strong enough to cut down a bamboo tree in one strike and so sharp it can slice through a pile of A4 papers.

This weapon should be handled with extreme caution and kept out of reach of children.

Manually Polished Blade:

Every single part of Auway katana samurai sword passed through a rigorous, and dedicated hand polishing and curating.

This was done with the help of 12 different ancient sword polishing techniques giving  this sword a strong dazzle when swung in the air.

Convenient Handle:

Auway katana samurai sword comes with a balanced and comfortable handle.

A handle specially designed with high quality metal guard (Tsuba) with exceptionally fine bamboo carving and enclosed in a a golden cord.

It also comes with a beautiful wooden sheath.

Historic Chinese Art:

Auway katana samurai swords can be traced back in history to the Chinese sword making history of about 2600 years ago.

This is a self renewing weapon that will definitely outlive every possession in your collection.

Amazing Price for Amazing Quality:

And this is the part we love the most, it’s quite affordable and it doesn’t cost an eye.

But like we said earlier, it is your lucky day! We are giving you a special warrior price for this unique samurai sword. Check out our super discount of 70%, a real deal for you. We bring to you, quality and affordability. Hurry now and get yours while it lasts.

Collectors Item:

Take a look at one of 6 amazing samurai swords. On each sword you will find a special made tsuba. All of these six katana’s are swords for the real samurai sword collector.

When you buy the complete collection, you’ll get more than 50% off on your purchase. But you don’t have to buy em all, just choose the one you like the most. You can choose between the Octagon tsuba, dragon tsuba, characters tsuba, bamboo tsuba, orchid tsuba or rose tsuba.

Free shipping:

You will be buying an amazing katana from a USA seller. It will be delivered within a few days at your front door. To ensure perfect shipping, it will be packed gorillaproof.

And the best part is, shipping your katana is completely free! You won’t be charged extra for shipping.


  • Japanese Auway Katana
  • Beautiful Rose Tsuba
  • 40 inch Samurai sword
  • Collectors Item
  • 100% Handmade and Handpolished
  • Full Tang Sword
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Wooden Color Scabbard
  • Slices Paper – Cuts Bamboo
  • Stunning Workmanship
  • Amazing Price / Amazing Quality
  • Extremely Sharp
  • Free Shipping
  • Chinese Piece of Art
  • Special Warrior Discount

Enjoy our series of quality, reliable products and join our happy customers today. Click on the “Special Warrior Price” button and buy now!

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Video – Rose Tsuba samurai sword:




Orchid Tsuba – Red Scabbard



Octagon Tsuba – Red Scabbard



Dragon Tsuba – Black Scabbard



Characters Tsuba – Black Scabbard



Bamboo Tsuba – Gold edition





More pictures:


Rose Tsuba – Wood color scabbard




Bamboo Tsuba – Gold:

bamboo Tsuba - Gold


Orchid Tsuba – Red scabbard




Octagon Tsuba – Black scabbard




Characters Tsuba – Black scabbard

Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-4
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-3
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-2
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-1
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-knob
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-handle
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-blade



Dragon Tsuba – Black scabbard







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