Musashi Samurai Sword Miyamoto

Musashi Samurai Sword Best Miyamoto

1060 carbon steel – clay tempered samurai sword

Musashi samurai sword 1060 carbon steel best miyamoto

Musashi Miyamoto samurai sword – 1060 Carbon steel – Hand forged edge – Extremely Sharp – Musashi engraving on seppa – Musashi silver series certificate – 40 inch overall length



About Musashi Miyamoto

In Japan, Miyamoto Musashi is popular as the hero of a long historical novel. In the novel, Miyamoto Musashi’s martial arts exploits serve as the foundation of several films and comic books. Miyamoto’s talents included him being a painter, sculptor, calligrapher as well as a fencer who traveled Japan most of his life, seeking Zen enlightenment.

Deemed a legendary 17th century sword master, also known as Japan’s “sword-master,” Musashi Miyamoto’s most famous battle occurred in 1612, when he fought against his arch Sasaki Kojirō.  Sasaki Kojirō’s talents were the equivalent of Miyamoto.

The battle took place on an island located off the cost of Japan. It was on the way to that island Musashi created a wooden sword out of an oar, ultimately fashioning the sword that we know today as the Musashi Miyamoto Sword.

Musashi Miyamoto wrote the Book of Five Rings, a book about his school of sword fighting.


About the Musashi Miyamoto Sword

In honor of the legend, collectors have the opportunity to acquire the Musashi Miyamoto sword. The incredible Musashi Miyamoto Sword is a thick and handmade blade with an extremely sharp-hand honed edge.

With a blade that can be bent 45 degrees, the Musashi Miyamoto Sword is a great work of art which makes it wonderful addition to any collectors rack or a great first katana (long, single-edged sword used by the Japanese samurai) for the beginner collector or student of the katana.

Crafted of Carbon Steel

Crafted from 1060 High Carbon Steel, the Musashi Miyamoto Sword has been hand forged, sharpened using artisan techniques.

The blade is encased by a tight, wooden handle that is surrounded by genuine ray skin, wrapped in decorative cords, allowing for a perfect hold and creating a decent balance.

Musashi Engraving on Seppa

Buyers do not have to be worried about being fooled by counterfeits. The musashi engraving on seppa (spacer) and authentic embellishments, including an antique-finished steel tsuba, menuki and pommel provides buyers with a degree of authenticity coupled with additional proof as evidenced by the accompanying musashi certificate of authenticity.

Caring for the Musashi Miyamoto Sword

The sword can be disassembled for care and display and includes a black cotton sword storage/carry bag.

The blade is housed by a hand-painted hardwood scabbard houses the 27-1/2″ blade.

Musashi Miyamoto Sword Affordable Price

Buyers might be surprised to find that the Musashi Miyamoto Sword is very affordable, making it that much easier to add to one’s collection. It is priced to sell at a range that averages between $100-$200 making it very affordable to the beginner or avid collector.

This Musashi samurai sword will be packed in a gorilla proof box at your front door within 24 hours. There are no extra shipping costs. It will be sent in a Musashi Miyamoto Best Samurai swords printed box.

This sword is a must have for your collection. If you are a true warrior? Than you can’t go without a Musashi Miyamoto samurai sword.


Here’s another look at the features of the Musashi Miyamoto Sword:

  • Blade Material: 1060 high carbon steel
  • Clay tempered Samurai sword
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Hand forged edge
  • Genuine Ray Skin Handle
  • Musashi engraving on Seppa
  • Musashi Silver Series Certificate
  • Hand Painted Scabbard
  • Black Cotton Sword Storage/Carry Bag
  • 40 Inch Overall Length
  • Super Price for Super Quallity

The history associated with the Musashi Miyamoto Sword coupled with its artistic design and blade makes this sword a worthy buy and addition to anyone’s collection.

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