Musashi Samurai Sword Best Miyamoto

Musashi Samurai Sword – Best Miyamoto – 1060 Steel

Musashi samurai sword best miyamoto 1060 steel

Check out this amazing Musashi samurai sword! A best Miyamoto sword, completely handmade and traditionally hand forged by the Muku-Kitae method. The 1060 high carbon steel blade is thick and razor sharp and can be bend 45 degrees.



This Musashi samurai sword is well balanced and the handle is wrapped tightly with real ray skin and feels great. The Hamon is real, it’s not printed or wire brushed. Overall length of this katana is 39 ¾ inch, length of the blade itself is 27 ½ inch.

This beautiful samurai sword comes with a black cotton sword storage carrying bag. On arrival you will find an authenticity certificate in the box.


Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword

This amazing samurai sword is definitely worth the money. The sword is completely handmade and can be fully dissembled. It is a full tang samurai sword. This means that it’s forged in one piece, the blade fully extend in the handle. This way, the Musashi samurai sword is more robust and solid

This Katana has a good balance point. It has the correct shape and weight for a 39 ¾ inch long samurai sword. The handle is wrapped with cotton and under the cotton warp is real ray skin for better grip when handling this samurai sword. The sword fits perfect into the scabbard which is made from hardwood and has a high quality piano finish.

Razor Sharp 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade

A high quality 27 ½ inch long an 55 Hrc hard blade. Made out of 1060 high carbon steel, completely hand forged according to the Muku-kitae method. This blade is extremely sharp, so be careful when you unpack the sword. The hamon is real, not wire brushed or printed like on many cheaper swords. Hardness and hamon are created with the temper process.

The blade is thick and very strong. You will get the same quality blade as the more expensive models. This blade can be bent 45 degrees. You will not find many swords for this price and get this kind of quality.

Amazing Price For Amazing Quality

If you’re looking for a good samurai sword without spending hundreds of dollars! Than this is the best buy you will get. Normally this amazing samurai sword is in the price range around a thousand dollar. But we have a special price for you. This sword has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by previous buyers.

When ordering this top quality sword, it will be delivered for free at your frontdoor. It will arrive in an quality Musashi package box. This sword will be packed gorilla proof, so nothing can happen during shipping.

It comes with a nicely manufacturing certificate where you can find the matching serial number. This certificate includes the details of the construction method. Also on the certificate you can find the Musashi name.

The blade itself is wrapped in plastic within the sheath so the blade can be well oiled in. When you buy this sword, you get a nice black cotton carry bag .


  • Very sharp blade
  • Length of the blade = 27 ½ inch
  • Overal length = 39 ¾ inch
  • 1060 High carbon steel blade
  • Real Hamon, not wire brushed or printed
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip
  • Amazing price for Top Quality
  • Handmade and hand forged
  • Comes with certificate
  • Free cotton storage/carry bag
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars quality rating
  • Can be fully dissembled

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