Masahiro Dragon Samurai Sword

Masahiro Dragon Samurai Sword With 1000 Layers Folded Steel

Dragon Samurai sword

Take a look at this amazing Masahiro Dragon samurai sword with 1000+ layer hand folded and shaped damascus steel. No two Masahiro Dragon swords are the same and they are all fully functional and battle ready.

This flawless quality samurai sword is now availlable for an amazing price. It has been rated by other buyers with 4.5 out of 5 stars. This will be the centerpiece of your sword collection.




Beautiful Hand Honed 1000+ Layers Katana Blade

When you take a look at this amazing katana blade, you can’t just stop admiring this 1000 layers rippled blade. Within the blood groove of the blade you will see the unique layer patterns which will draw your attention immediately.

The blade is already sharpened and is ready to use. You will have no problem cutting bamboo with this 28 inch razor sharp damascus steel blade. Most definitely be safe when handling this samurai sword. Make sure to clean you blade well after using it, and also keep it lightly oiled. This way you will keep your blade in perfect shape.

Fully Functional Battle Ready Samurai Sword

With an total overall length of 40 inch (28 inch blade, 12 inch handle) this amazing full tang samurai sword has a near to perfect size and weight. The balance of this sword is almost perfect, what makes it very easy to handle. This samurai sword is battle ready and you will easily cut bamboo into slices without using much force.

Because these Masahiro Dragon samurai swords are all hand folded and have been shaped carefully, no two samurai swords will be exactly the same. The handle is wrapped in real ray skin with black cotton cord. This will give you much more grip when handling this amazing sword. Comes with a nicely crafted od scabbard with a piano paint finish of high quality and a gorgeous steel tsuba.

Masahori Samurai Sword with Multiple Accessoires

When you buy this amazing samurai sword. You will not only receive a near-authentic japanese samurai sword. It comes with an complete authentic sword cleaning kit to keep your favorite katana in perfect shape. You will also get an nice wooden sheath with a fine glossy finish. It will be send to you in the original neatly folded sales box which is inside the shipping box, also a cloth sheath cover will be inside the box.

The only thing that you will not find inside the box is a samurai sword stand. But you can order it along with your samurai sword for a low price. This way you can put your sword on your chimney so that all your friends and family can see it. Without a doubt, it will be the centerpiece of your sword collection.


  • Masahiro Dragon Samurai Sword
  • 1000 + Layers folded steel katana
  • Fully functional, full tang and “battle ready” sword
  • Total overall length of 40 inches in perfect balance.
  • Piano paint finished high quality od scabbard.
  • Handle wrapped in real ray skin wrapped and black cotton cord.
  •  Comes with cleaning kit, wooden sheath and cloth sheath cover
  • Top quality samurai sword rated 4,5 out of 5 stars
  • Will be the centerpiece of your sword collection
  • No 2 swords will be exactly the same, hand folded

Top Quality Samurai Sword for amazing price

If you have some doubts about buying this amazing Masahiro dragon samurai sword? Don’t! This is a high quality samurai sword with many extra accessoires. The sword looks like a $1000 katana… But it only costs about $100. Free shipping included delivered within 48 hours at your frontdoor.

It will be send in the orginil box and packed gorillaproof in an extra shipping box. When you open the box and take the sword out, it will be ready for cutting use immediately. You will not get a better deal for a folded steel katana. Check out right now!



ASIN: B007998X4K


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