Last Samurai Japanese Sword Katana With Free Stand

Japanese Samurai Sword KatanaThis Japanese Samurai sword is one in the most traditional sense of the samurai who can find beauty in all of the things you can find in nature. This samurai sword has the kanji for “honor” carved into the scabbard, honor is the summation of everything that a samurai stands for.

The stainless steel blade of this Japanese samurai sword is already sharpened, with the hamon along the blade’s edge. All the wrappings are nylon but looks very nice and the sheath is black matte. This Last Japanese samurai sword is very beautiful and is for decorative purpose only.

The Last samurai katana sword weigths around 3 pounds. The overall length is 37&1/2 inches, the handle is 10&1/2 inches from pommel to guard and the steel blade is 27&1/4 inches from guard to tip. When you buy it now it comes with a black stand completely free.

When the sword is delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours, you will find a wax or grease on the sword. This grease is a protective coating thath is applied on the sword to protect it from oxidation or rusting. This is a beautiful decorative samurai sword that only costs $33.11. More than 100 satisfied customers already bougth this japanase katana sword.


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  1. Dave

    Perfect samurai swords for killing zombies. I’m ready

  2. Kristen

    Love this sword. No regrets of buying it

  3. John

    Very nice sword. Was delivered at my frontdoor like you said, in perfect condition

  4. steve

    I love this samurai sword, bought it a few days ago and really looks amazing.

  5. Mel

    Love this katana sword. It’s worth the money

  6. Scott

    My brother suggested I might like this website.

    He was totally right. Just love swords

  7. Gerry

    Very nice katana for a very good price. Good seller

  8. Chris

    My girlfriend doesn’t like my collection of samurai swords. But I do, and just added this one. In your face

  9. alma

    Arrived in good condition and packed gorilla proof. Very good service and a really amazing sword

  10. merry mo

    Love this sword, would buy it again

  11. barry

    Needed something for the great zombie war, think this one is gonna do just fine 🙂

  12. Tom

    It is a nice sword for a nice price

  13. eric

    Just ordered it, can’t wait to try it out. Japanese swords are the best

  14. patrick

    This is a real nice katana sword, looks great in my collection

  15. costa

    Love this samurai sword, really love it

  16. top warrior

    My samurai sword arrived in good condition. Just had to clean it because it was oiled in really good.

  17. steven

    Nice looking site, filled with samurai swords and other sword.

  18. Marcel

    The samurai sword has arrived in good conditions at my frontdoor as promised

  19. trent

    This nice samurai sword has found a good place in my collection. I’s not my best sword, but for this price it’s a real bargain.

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