Katana Samurai Sword Set Marble Red

samurai sword setCheck out this beautiful Katana Samurai sword set in marble red with stand. This amazing sword set contains three different samurai swords. The first and largest samurai sword is 40 inch, the second sword is 31 inches long and finally the third samurai sword has a lenght of 21 inch. This samurai sword set comes with a stand that measures 12 1/2 inches wide and is 12 inches high. The sword stand is constructed of wood and has a nice black finish.

samurai swordAmazing Red and Black Decoration

Each of the three swords has hardwood scabbard and has a red with black brush finish. On the end you will find caps and hilt that are dark silver steel and they have a nice decoration design. Also the scabbards on all three samurai swords are nicely wrapped with a black cord that matches perfect with the red and black decorations.

Real Collectors Item

You will find that this samurai swords have a very nice weight that will feel very good in the hand. All of the blades have a wonderful balance.  This sword set will fit nice in your collection, they really look great when displayed on the black stand.

Great Sword Set for a Great PriceScabbard with black cord

For an amazing price of only $41.47 , this Katana samurai sword set can be yours. For the time being, you can save 58% when you buy it. Because normally, this samurai sword set will not be sold under $100,00. So don’t wait and go and buy this one and add it to your collection.

This Katana samurai sword set with stand will be delivered at your frontdoor. It will be packed packed carefully in a box and can be shipped within 24 hours. The shipping is completely free.


  • 3-piece Black and Red Samurai Sword Set With matching Stand.
  • Scabbard on Each Samurai sword is hardwood with a Black/Red brush finish.
  • Dark silver steel end caps and hilt with a decorated design.
  • The scabbard is wrapped with a black cord that nicely matches the colors.
  • The length of the three Samurai swords are 21 inch, 31 inch and 40 inch.


With more than 137 satisfied customers, this Katana samurai sword set is really great for display and is a must have for your sword collection. And for the amazing price at this moment, you can’t let it go.


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samurai sword sharpKatana samurai sword








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  1. Jersey

    This Katana samurai sword set is a great decoration and has a very low price. Just remember, this is not a toy. Don’t leave your samurai sword in a young child’s hands.

  2. Chris

    Beautiful samurai sword set. A really great buy. be careful, blades are very sharp

    1. David

      So you are saying that this trio set is live blade battle ready?

  3. Christopher

    We bought this samurai sword set for a friend and he really loved it. We also tested the sword on different kind of fruits without any problems.

  4. Gregory

    If your looking for a nice sword set for display on the wall or in your room. This one is perfect. Also when you want a good practice sword, buy this one, you won’t regret it

  5. Samurai warrior

    Yet another sword set added to my collection. Ready for the big day when zombies take over the world

  6. Dre

    WOW !!! Five stars sword. Bougth it as a gift for a friend of mine. He really liked it. Hang it on the wall and it looked amazing. I’m thinking of buyin a second sword set just for me. Great deal

  7. Froome

    This is the second time I bought a sword thru your site! And once again, what a deal. Love this samurai sword set, got it for a really cheap price. I’m ready to order my next collector’s item here.

  8. Dimitri

    What a nice sword set. I was just looking for one katana, then I saw this sword set. It had a very reasonable price and on arrival the quality really suprised me. A satisfied costumer.

  9. Johnny

    Really love this marble samurai sword set. The swords and the stand match together perfect. Recommend

  10. Jack

    Love this samurai sword set! I always wanted a good looking sword set like this one. It is displayed in my room and it looks really great.

  11. Dave

    It’s a great gift to decorate the room or bring attention to a wall. The colors of the katana set draws attention in the room. It’s a real eye catcher.

  12. Jessica

    WOW, what an amazing set of samurai swords. I just received the sword set today. It’s a gift for my son! I’m sure he will be so happy.

  13. John D.

    Really beautiful sword set. It’s a great buy and very sharp. We tested the swords on some fruits. Fruits loses

  14. Hunter

    I bought this sword set as a gift for a friend of mine. But guess what, I liked it so much. So i decided to keep it for myself. He doens’t know 🙂

  15. Andrew

    The price is really low for the value received. This samurai sword set a beautiful decoration piece. Be carefull, this is not a childrens toy.

  16. Rhonda

    Great sword set! I ordered this samurai sword set for my son. He really loves it. The set is displayed in his room and it looks really great.

  17. Prude

    Very fast shipment, verr good quality. The blades are perfect, they have no imperfections or blemishes. This sword set is much more than just a wall decoration!

  18. Kelsey

    When the package arrived and I opened it, everything was perfect and intact. The sword set was better than I expected for this price. I wanne get the blue set and the black one also.

  19. Nordin

    This samurai set is a gift to myself 🙂 It was delivered fast and prompt and it looked really great. I’m looking forward to order more products here in the future.

  20. Nick

    I wasn’t sure when i bought this set what to expect. But when i arrived at my door, it really looked nice. The quality is really good for this low price. Very good looking samurai sword set.

  21. George

    I love this samurai sword set. It was really packed gorilla proof. Will check your site again when I buy my next sword. Thanks

  22. Ray

    This samurai sword set arrived perfectly in tact and on time. It looks really fine and fits perfect on the dispaly. I am very satisfied with this sword set.

  23. Ross

    I bought this as an early christmas present to my son. It was the perfect present. He has proven to me that he can handle the sword like an adult does. It’s kinda sharp, but i trust him.

  24. Wendy

    This sword set would really make a great gift for an adult person. The blades are really sharp, no toy for kids.

  25. Peter

    Excellent product! The great looks and weight really suprised me. This is one of the better japanese sword sets i have seen lately. A no brainer for this price.

  26. Super

    A very good looking katana set. It came in perfect condition without any scratches or dents. A happy costumer.

  27. Jordy

    This set has a wonderful balance with a great blade. It’s better than some much pricier set’s and it looks really great on the matching display stand. Perfect if your looking for a sturdy sword for practice or for a nice display set to add to your collection.

  28. Kurt

    This set of swords is great. It feels good in the hand and the weight is very nice. I was worried that the blade would bend easily when miss handled, but nothing like that. Good quality sword for an amazing price. Recommend to buy!

  29. steven

    Ordered this set and it’s really worth the price. Nice samurai sword set to add to your collection

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