Japanese Samurai Sword Fully Handmade – Golden blade

Real Japanese sword 1060 high carbon steel

Katana Fully Handmade Japanese Carbon Steel With Wooden Scabbard 

samurai sword handmade carbon steel katana

Japanese Samurai sword – Fully handmade – 1060 high carbon steel – Katana sword – wooden scabbard – hand forged – sharpened with Japanese techniques – perfect blade – battle ready – ray skin handle



The Katana Fully Handmade Japanese Carbon Steel with Wooden Scabbard Alloy Guard Samurai Sword is hand forged and sharpened with Japanese techniques to form a perfect blade. It is a fully functional battle ready tool.

The sword’s accessories are authentic from its ray skin handle, to its silk sage-o and its copper oxidized fittings. It is arguably one of the best Samurai swords of its kind.


The Katana Fully Handmade Japanese Carbon Steel with Wooden Scabbard Alloy Guard Samurai Sword is hand-forged and sharpened 100%.

This hand forged sword with solid craftsmanship has over a 100 years of history. It originates from LongQuan, China, a place renowned for their 2600 year history of crafting 100% handmade swords.

The blade of this full Tang sword is made with an impressive total of 1060 carbon steel and boosts precision and sharpness. It is great if picked as an art collection or presented as a gift to friends.


  • Description
  • Measurements
  • Materials and Forging
  • 1060 high carbon steel
  • The tsuba (guard)
  • The tsuka (handle)
  • The saya (sheath)
  • Note
  • Amazing price for amazing sword
  • Free shipping
  • Special Warrior Price
  • Video
  • More pictures – Gold Samurai sword
  • More pictures – Blue Samurai sword
  • More pictures – Red Samurai sword


The Katana Fully Handmade Japanese Carbon Steel with Wooden Scabbard Alloy Guard Samurai Sword comes in the following dimensions:

– Overall length: 101cm/40in

– Handle Length: 26cm/10in

– Blade length: 72cm/28.35in

– Blade width: 3cm/1.2in

– Overall Weight: 1.1Kg/2.4Lb

Materials and Forging:

Materials and Forging for the Katana Fully Handmade Japanese Carbon Steel with Wooden Scabbard Alloy Guard Samurai Sword

This 100 percent handmade Japanese carbon steel Samurai sword with excellent precision and sharpness (that is great for use as a cutting tool and art collection), has its materials forged in the below ways:

The 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade:

The blade comes with a long blood groove on both sides which not only makes for a lighter blade along with an audible feedback when swung, it can balance the blade to gain optimal performance.

The blades tip is of medium length. It has been hand polished using multiple grade sharpening stones. It is strong enough to sever a bamboo tree with one swing and can also be used to cut pepper.

The Tsuba (Guard):

The guard of this carbon steel sword is made with alloy metal with a high quality wood chosen for its scabbard.

The Tsuka (Handle):

The handle of this sword is firmly wrapped over a golden cotton cord and an imitation ray skin.

The Saya (Sheath):

The sheath of this Samurai sword is made with hard wood. A sage-o has been tied through the bright copper Kurigaga (or knob) of its scabbard. Its Koiguchi has been hardened.


This carbon steel Samurai sword comes with a free silk bag for carrying.

It is used to cut through very thick materials and can be dismantled or taken apart fully at anytime you wish for maintenance purposes or any other reasons.

In order to disassemble this sharp and precise sword, take the two pegs from the handle apart.

Amazing Price for Amazing Sword:

The price for this amazing handmade samurai sword is a real bargain. This sword is made in an sword-craft shop in LongQuan , China, that has more than 100 years history making samurai swords. These swords are completely handmade with stunning workmanship.

Free Shipping:

When you buy this collectors item, it will be delivered at your front door within a week. Your samurai sword will be gorilla-packed and will be shipped for free.


  • Japanese Samurai Sword
  • 1060 high carbon steel
  • Fully handmade
  • Sharpened with Japanese techniques
  • Battle ready
  • Wooden Scabbard
  • Collectors item
  • Ray skin handle
  • Amazing price
  • Free sword bag
  • Perfect blade
  • Stunning workmanship
  • Free shipping
  • Hand polished

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Video – Japanese Samurai Sword Fully Handmade:



More pictures – Japanese Samurai Sword Fully Handmade – Gold:




More pictures – Japanese Samurai Sword Fully Handmade – Blue:





More pictures – Japanese Samurai Sword Fully Handmade – Red:






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