Japanese Samurai Sword with Engraved Blade

Fully Handmade Engraved Japanese Samurai Sword

Carbon Steel Samurai Sword with Floral Design Engraved on Blade

Japanese samurai sword fully handmade with engraved blade

Japanese samurai sword – Fully handmade – Engraved blade – Hand polished – 1040 high carbon steel -Excellent craftmantship – Battle ready – Full tang – Extremely sharp – high quality wooden scabbard – Special warrior price



Product description :

Are you a sword lover? Having a series of regrets over the previous ones you purchased? Have you always been an unlucky person while trying to choose the right kind of samurai swords that suits your taste and requirements?You should consider yourself very lucky for having the opportunity to read this.

Jz Sword – craft shop now present to you, a fully handmade Japanese katana sword. A quality hand forged sword with attractive purple designs to give it a great aesthetic appeal.

This sword is designed for smooth and convenient handling, great precision and  great capacity to inflict maximum damage. This potential deadly weapon is strong enough to cut off a bamboo tree and also slice through a bunch of A4 paper with just one strike.

With this katana sword, you are battle ready. This product will surely make you happy. Join our happy customers as you add this to your cart



It has an overall length of 80cm/31.5 inch; Blade Length of 52.5 cm/20.7inch,Blade width of 3.5cm/1.4 inch ;Handle Length of 23cm/9 inch ; Overall weigh is 1.1kg/2.4lb.

Excellent Craftsmanship:

Introducing a unique masterpiece. Katana sword, a fully hand Forged and hand sharpened Japanese sword decorated with attractive purple colouring to give this sword an aesthetic and glaring appearance.

Hand Polished:

A beautiful hand polished katana sword designed by Jz Sword – Craft shop. A sword making shop that has been in existence for more than 100 years located within LongQuan, China. A town which is renowned for its 2600 – year history of sword making.

Power Packed Sword:

This katana sword features a full length tang and an extremely sharp blades giving it the strength to create greater impact with each single strike.

This sword is strong enough to cut down a bamboo tree or slice through a whole bunch of A4 sheets with one strike. This is a potential lethal weapon and must be handled with caution.

Made of Top Notch Materials :

This is indeed the most reliable kind of sword for you, it has every features that every sword user desire to have in their sword.

The Tsuba (guard) is made of Metal alloys, the Saya(scabbard) is made of a carefully selected high quality wooden material, the Tsuka (handle) comes wrapped with Ray skin and mysterious purple cotton cord.

This is also a great gift idea for your friends that likes sword.

Amazing Price for an Amazing Sword:

This samurai sword is a real collectors item. Normally this sword costs +300 dollars, but now thanks to our special warrior price you get a huge discount. Check out our 70% discount for this amazing samurai sword.

How long will this huge discount last? We don’t know! If you click the red “Samurai warriors price” button, and you’ll still get a 70% discount! Then your lucky and shouldn’t hesitate to buy this amazing sword.

Free Shipping:

When you made the smart decision to buy this sword, it will be packed gorilla-proof and delivered within a week at your front door. And best of all! Shipping is completely free.


  • Japanese Samurai Sword
  • Ultra Sharp blade
  • 1040 High carbon steel
  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Handmade and hand polished
  • Full tang
  • Battle ready
  • Engraved blade
  • High quality wooden scabbard
  • Free shipping
  • Special Warrior price
  • Cut bamboo – slices paper

Join our happy customers and enjoy these reliable and quality swords. Click on our “Special Warriors price” button and buy it now!


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