Japanese Handmade Katana Samurai Sword Sharp Orchid

Check out this amazing handmade Orchid Katana. A Samurai sword made from the Japanese tradition where the Orchid was the symbol of the fortitude, training and bravery of the samurai .

Many Samurai has travelled extremely long distances and extreme perfil searching for wild orchids to return for public acclaim. This samurai sword is battle ready, but can also be used for training and has a visible kissake on the tip of the blade.

Check out this Japanese Handmade Katana Samurai Sword Razor Sharp Blade – Well Balanced

This beautiful Samurai sword has a sharpened razor sharp blade that is very well balanced. The blade is not that cheap stainless material but is made out of carbon steel.

The completely handcrafted blade is very strong and is completely Full tang and measures 27.75 inches.

With this blade you can make very clear cuts without having any signs of wear and still have a razor sharp blade. You will get a top quality blade for this price.

Beautiful Orchid Tsuba and Magnificent Artwork

This handmade Japanese samurai sword comes with a beautiful elegant orchid painted tsuba. The artwork Orchid Katana Samurai Swordon this katana is really amazing and has beautiful decorations. The Saya has a painted fitting on it which matches perfectly with the rest of the weapon.

This Japanese handmade Katana sword comes with a cotton made black sword bag. When the sword is delivered at your front door, you will notice that the sword comes in a protected cloth.

On the handle is silk cord wrap that will provide more grip when handling this razor sharp samurai sword. Under the silk cord wrap you will find more beautiful ornaments. Making this japanese samurai sword a piece of magnificent artwork.

Amazing Sword VS Amazing Price


Beautiful Orchid Tsuba

This Japanese Samurai sword is a real collectors item. Normal price for samurai swords in this category and with this kind of excellent craftmanship can easily cost over $200. But for the moment you can get this amazing handmade katana with orchid tsuba for the insane low price of only  $53.95.

Needless to say that you don’t have to wait for ordering this beautiful samurai sword. This amazing price is not going to be this low forever. Allready more than 120 samurai sword collectors has bougth this sword and they rated it an amazing 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • A Practice Hand Made Full Tang Katana Perfect For Training
  • Razor Sharp Well Balanced Samurai Sword
  • Fully Sharpened Blade Made Of High Carbon Steel
  • Total Overall Lenght of 38.75″
  • Total Lenght Of The Blade is 27.75″
  • Beautiful Orchid Tsuba And Decoration
  • The sword comes in a protection cloth

This amazing japanese handmade Samurai sword with orchid tsuba and beautiful ornaments will be shipped at your frontdoor in a carton box for only $53.95. The samurai sword will be secured with Styrofoam inside its sheath. We highly recommend this beautiful samurai sword to anyone who is not willing to pay thousands of dollars on a samurai sword.

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ASIN: B003BA79P0


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