Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword Set

Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword Set With Display Stand
“Bill and Bride” Collection

Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword Set with display stand - "Bride and Bill" Collectione

Amazing Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword set with Stainless steel blades. The beautiful simulated ray skin covers the handles with Traditional pattern black cord wraps. Check out this very nice sword set that comes from the “Bill and Bride” collection!



Samurai Swords are also known as Japanese Swords and were used by the samurais of Japan. Hattori Hanzō was a famous samurai who saved the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu. he also was the one who helped him become the ruler of united Japan. This samurai warrior existed in Sengoku era.

This sword is named after Hattori Hanzō. He was one of the most famous samurai warriors and many Japanese kids learn about him in their history lessons. As a fan of kill bill, you would want to keep a collection of swords with yourself so that your passion never fades out. This Hattori Hanzō Sword Set will give you the opportunity to feel the real sword that you see in movies.

Following are some of the exclusive features of Hattori Hanzō Sword Set

The Sturdy and Resistant Hattori Hanzō Samurai Sword Set

This particular sword which is known as Hattori Hanzō is made from Stainless Steel Blade. This is the reason due to which these swords are very sturdy and resistant to bending from heavy use. So if you are spending some amount on a samurai sword, you must consider this one. The quality of this sword makes it worth spending some bucks.

Designing of Hattori Hanzō Samurai Sword Set

These Hattori Hanzō samurai swords are designed as a heavy cutting tool for Tameshigiri practitioners. The reason behind this fact is that the makers want to meet the grade in that aspect.

Accessories of Hattori Hanzō Samurai Sword Set

In addition to that the fittings that come along with the sword are very simple and humble. The fittings are not so overly decorative so that those who buy the sword can decorate it themselves according to their desire.

Top Notch Hattori Hanzō Samurai Sword Set for an astounding worth

The sword comes with a lot of features in a minimal price of $55. Those who are in love with the swords and want to buy a piece that comes in their range and it is enriched with a lot of diverse features then they need to hurry up and order Hattori Hanzo Collection “Bill & Bride” Sword Set as they are practical blades for a fair price.

Fully Functional Battle Ready Hattori Hanzō Samurai Sword Set

The overall length of the sword is 41.5” and it comes along with a wooden stand. As the name suggests it is a complete set that comes with a beautiful and shiny sheath. The sheath comes with a fine glossy finish. Since it is evident that this sword is not going to be used for fighting purpose thus it not sharpened from the end. It has a pretty good weight to let you know that it’s not a cheap sword that will knock-off and fall to pieces.

As per the tradition it will be sent you in a nice original neatly folded sales box so that when you receive the sword you are sure about the fact that you have received a masterpiece.



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