Handmade Samurai Sword Japanese Wakizashi Full Tang Sharp Edge Knife

Check out this really amazing japanese Wakizashi samurai sword. This is a high quality full tang samurai sword that is hand polished and has beautiful ornaments and measures 30.7 inches. The blade is made from 1060 carbon steel and has a blood groove (long Hi) on both sides. For the moment you can get this battle ready samurai sword for an amazing low price.

Shijan Handmade Samurai Sword JapaneseHand Polished, Hand Forged and Hand sharpened blade

This high quality samurai sword comes with a fully hand forged blade. Made from 1060 carbon steel using the ancient method of sword making. This blade is completely hand sharpened and hand polished. It has a blood groove (long Hi) on both sides of the blade. This creates an audible feedback when using the blade and it will balance the blade for optimal performance.

This amazing samurai sword very sharp and batlle ready. The length of the blade is 19.7 inch and has a Chu Kissaki at the tip of the blade. When delivered at your frontdoor, the blade will be thickly oiled. You can easily small trees or bamboo. Make sure to clean it well after using it, and keep it oiled lightly to keep the blade in perfect shape.

Top Quality Sword for Amazing PriceHandmade samurai sword

You are looking at an amazing samurai sword that will be the centerpiece of your collection. This 30.7 inch full tang sword is a real no brainer for this amazing price. Normal price was $152.00, but for the moment you can take advantage of this incredible deal where you can get it for more than 60% cheaper.

The amazing low price now for this high quality samurai sword is only $59.99. Free shipping included! Keep in mind that this is a limited action and that this fantastic deal can end every day. This sword has a price/quality rating that has been given from other buyers. They all rated it 5 out of 5 stars.



Top quality sword for an amazing price! Don’t hesitate and buy it now before this super promotion ends.

Handmade, hand polished, hand sharpenedTsuka – Tsuba – Saya

The saya or sheath of the sword is made out of Hackberry. The paint job is very well done with a deep blue metallic flake. The handle (Tsuka) of the samurai sword is wrapped with real Ray skin and silk. This will provide a much better grip when handling the samurai sword. At arrival the handle will be wrapped in plastic for protection during transport.

The Tsuba (or guard) is a beautiful piece of art and is made from zinc alloy. When you order this masterpiece of material arts to join your collection, it will be packed gorillaproof and delivered at your frontdoor. Take advantage of the “free shipping” deal now.

FeaturesHandmade samurai sword tsuba

• Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword
Martial Arts Bestseller
Fully Sharpened Blade Cuts Bamboo
Full Tang 30.7 inch sword
• 1060 Carbon Steel polished blade
• Handmade, Hand Forged, Hand Polished
• Top Quality Sword For Amazing Price, 5/5 Stars Rating

Please note that the package does not include the stand or any other accessories. When you order this amazing samurai sword, you will receive one sword and one bag.



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Handmade samurai sword blade

Handmade samurai sword blue

Handmade samurai sword handle









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