Handmade Musashi Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword + Free Sword Bag


Handmade sharp japanese samurai sword with Free bagTake a look at this hand crafted full tang wakizashi samurai sword and the Masusha ring Tsuba. This is a well balanced razor sharp sword with a blade made of 1045 high carbon steel. This Japanese samurai sword can be used for self defence or for practice.

This samurai sword is named after the legendary Japanese swordman Miyamoto Musashi. He was famed for his excellent sword skills and his many duels. Legends said that Musashi was never defeated in more than 60 duels in his life time. He is considered as the greatest swordman in the history of Japan. He also is the author of the most famous book about strategy and tactics called the Five rings.



Japanese Samurai Sword

1045 High Carbon Steel Sharp Blade

This amazing samurai sword has a 1045 high carbon steel blade that measures 20 inches. Remember that carbon steel is always better than stainless steel. When you bend the blade to far, carbon steel flexes back into shape, stainless steel will remain bend. The blade is razor sharp and has passed the paper test.

When you buy this sword, you will receive a well oiled samurai sword. Also after handling the samurai sword, always make sure to clean it well and to keep it lightly oiled. This way your blade will be kept in perfect condition.

Musashi Double Ring Tsuba

The first thing you will notice when you get this samurai sword is the amazing Musashi double ring tsuba. It has a nice black and gold color finish. All components have the Musashi trademark. All fittings are good quality and are painted black to match the tsuba.

The scabbard is about 22 inches long and made from decent quality. The sword is secured very well in the scabbard. The blade has a wirebrushed temperline and is razor sharp.

Samurai Sword Handle with CottonDimensions of the Sword

Length of the blade: 19 1/8″
Length of the blade (with habaki): 20 1/8″
Length of the handle: 8 1/2″
Scabbard measures 22 3/4″
The Balance Point is 4″ from hand guard
The curve of the blade: 1/2″
Wirebrushed Temper Line
Unfolded Straight grain



• Hand Made Wakizashi Samurai Sword
• 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
• Overall length is 33″ , length of Blade 20″
• 20 inch Razor Sharp Blade
• Musashi Double Ring tsuba
• Comes with Free sword bag
• Amazing Price for Amazing Quality
• 4.5 out of 5 stars costumer ratings

Free Shipping and Free Sword Bag

When you order this amazing samurai sword, your new samurai sword will be shipped for free and delivered at your frontdoor. It will be packed gorillaproof so nothing can happen during shipping. As a bonus you will now get a free sword bag when you order this samurai sword.

Be aware that this bonus will not last forever. We don’t know if the free sword bag will still be available at the moment you read this post. So, if it is, don’t hesitate and order as soon as you can and get that free sword bag.
This is a really good samurai sword for an amazing low price at only $59.66. You can’t go wrong with this samurai sword. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by previous costumers. Order it now.






ASIN: B003D8K88U


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