Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Katana Samurai Sword

Check out this extremely well built handmade japanese samurai sword.

One of the best balanced swords in this price range. When you take the handmade sword, you will feel that it weights very little but it’s still a very strong samurai sword.

Japanese Samurai sword for sale

Now lets take a look at the blade of the sword. It is a full tang blade and it is constructed from high carbon steel and it includes a nice visible  temper line. Furthermore the wooden saya is finished with a dark stain and is made to contour the blade’s shape, it fits perfectly into the handle.

The scabbard is made from very beautiful rosewood and has a real good grip when you take it in your hand and swing the blade. It feels amazing with the center weight being about 5 1/2 inches from the base of the blade.

The katana samurai sword is 42” Overall and it  is very sharp, it’s really great for killing zombies , it is coated in oil when it arrives at your doorstep and 24 hours after you ordered it, and comes with a black cotton sword bag included in the packaging so your sword will have full protection. It will be send in a large box and extremely wel packed.

Japanese Shirasya Samurai-sword

Make sure that this beautiful handmade japanese katana samurai sword is not missing from your collection. For an incredible low price of only $37,49 this is a real must have sword for the katana samurai sword collector. The price for this very cool  japanese samurai sword is around $100 on other online sites.

More than 200 satisfied customers has allready bought this amazing katana sword. Dont keep behind and order it now.


check it out



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Handmade japanese samurai swordSamurai Sword Rosewood handmadeKatana Sword For SaleCarbon Steel Samurai Sword For Sale





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  1. Denice

    Bought this one for my boyfriend’s birthday, he really loved it. I know what to buy next year 🙂

    1. Guy

      decent for the price and Very well made

  2. Jackie

    A really nice samurai sword. It cames full tang and very sharp. Also the sheath is very nice. This sword is worth the money 110%

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    Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Katana Samurai Sword |

  4. Cierra

    I was looking for a new katana and this one looked perfect. I was really impressed and amazed when the sword arrived. The quality was much better than I thought and the blade was clean and sharp.

  5. Fred

    I must give a 5 star rating to this samurai sword. Just because the price is so good for what you get. This sword is definitely the real thing.

  6. Samurai warrior

    Thank you for showing me this amazing samurai sword. I ordered it and it was delivered in perfect condition and extremely sharp. I already showed it to my friends and they also wanted one. Told them about the low prices here.

  7. dieter

    Love this katana. Came perfectly on time as promised and really sharp. You can feel that it is handmade steel.

  8. Trucker

    Good sword, feeling like the real samurai now

    1. Esther

      Just wanted to let everybody know that I’m very happy with this samurai sword. It is very beautiful thanks to the red wood. It deserves a five star rating.

    2. David

      A really amazing sword for a good price. It’s a no brainer.

  9. GI Jane

    a real Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Katana Samurai Sword, just love it

    1. Peter

      It arrived in a very neat box and it was in excellent condition. Be careful, the blade is really sharp. Oddly enough, it is sharper than my Mysashi Katana, and i paid $140 for that one.

  10. Dre

    This is a really amazing samurai sword. Worth every penny

  11. Camilla

    Attention, this sword is not a toy. It is super sharp. It has no problems cutting a 2 inch tree branch in half laike butter

  12. Mark

    It’s a great and elegant samurai sword that really needs to be on your collection. I love mine.

  13. Zombiekiller

    This blade is perfect for killing zombies. I am ready, Let’s start watching the walking dead. I feel very save now. LOL

  14. Tyree

    This is a great samurai sword. The price is good, the blade is very sharp, it looks clean and it’s very easy to hold. This is a perfect sword if you’re looking for a combat sword.

  15. Nancy

    Bought this samurai sword for my husbands birthday. Her really loved it, will buy him another one next year 🙂

  16. Emanuel

    The quality was far better than my expectations. I would recommend this samurai sword to any martial arts practitioner or any collector.

  17. Dinah

    This is a super quality samurai sword for a very good price. The blade came really sharp uot of the box. This katana looks really great on my wall. The blade is very resistant. It barely got an nick after cutting into more than 10 pieces of thick wood.

  18. Fruit ninja

    This samurai sword has completed the “Fruit cutting” test perfect. It get’s my “Great for cutting fruit” label. Congrats.

  19. Jeremiah

    When this samurai sword arrived, it was much much nicer then I expected it to be. The craftmanship is really beautiful and the blade is razor sharp. A real good deal, thank you.

  20. Jesse

    I bougth this sword a few weeks ago and i really love it.My brother wanted to know how sharp it was and het cut clean through the shipping box. He also cut my piggy bank in half because I left it under the shipping box …. #notsosmart

  21. Shaun

    This sword is really perfect. It was delivered a few days before the delivery date and it looked just like on the pictures and the description. I tested it on sharpness and cut into my fingers, auwch …

  22. Rubin

    This is a great samurai sword. It’s very sharp so you can use it to cut thru different stuff. This sword is also pretty sturdy. It feels really good when I handle it. It doesn’t shake around or so.

  23. Ronald

    This samurai sword was a present for my fiance this summer. He really loves it. It is very well made, very durable and it really impressed him. And that’s not so easy after being a martial artist for more than 15 years.

  24. Deejay tommy

    An excellent starter Katana for an excellent price. Shipped with a razor sharp blade. I you want you can shave yourself with this blade. Although I recommend not trying this at home.

  25. Garry

    Great price for a great samurai sword. It arrived right on time and it fully meets the description

  26. sprout

    The pictures are a very correct representation of this samurai sword.

  27. Thalia

    The blade of this samurai sword is thicker and stronger than I expected. For this price, i’m very happy with my new samurai sword

  28. Bianca

    I really love this sword. It’s a very good looking samurai and it’s razor sharp. Just for fun it cut’s the delivery box in half, lol.
    love this sword,

  29. Lola

    I love this katana so much, i even gave it a cool name. The blade arrives so sharp that it can cut paper.

  30. Wes

    This was my first time I bought a samurai sword and it was awesom. I really love it.

  31. Frank

    The quality of this samurai sword is really worth the price you pay. The wooden scheath and the wood handle is a nice touch. On arrival the blade is sharp and oiled. It is a great sword.

  32. Catharine

    Love this samurai sword. I immediately bought a stand and now my sword looks great on the shelf. The blade is sharp but i just use it as decoration.

  33. Sandra

    This samurai sword has a very nice blade. It has a nearly perfectly smooth curve between saya and grip

  34. Dieter

    When ordering this samurai sword, I expected a sword that was good as a display item. But to be fair, when it received at my door, it blew my expectations out of the water.

  35. Odell

    Very sharp and nice sword. Looks really good and has a perfect length and weight. All around it is a great samurai sword

  36. Pam

    The quality of this sword is exceptionally. It feels very good in my hands and the wood is really beautiful. Also, the blade has a very nice weight. I was impressed.

  37. Finley

    This buy was bit of an impulse buy. My thought was that I may regret buying it. But when I opened it, I was really blown away. Super sword!

  38. BeeBee

    This samurai sword is unique and well worth the price. It is a practical and simple sword. A real must have for your collection. I highly recommend it, it’s a great buy

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