Handmade Japanese Samurai Katana

Japanese Samurai Sword Full Tang Carbon Steel

Can cut trees and bamboo – 1060 high carbon steel – cuts thru paper

Handmade japanese samurai katana sword

Japanese samurai sword – Handmade Katana – 1060 Carbon Steel – Full Tang – Cut threes, bamboo and paper – Sharp – Hand forged steel




Are you searching for a perfect and most reliable kind of samurai sword? Then you must stop the search because you’ve just found it! This handmade Japanese Samurai Katana 1060 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Sharp sword is what you need and it will absolutely impress you.

This sword comes with it characteristic appearance of : curved, slim and one-edged blade with a guard that can be either circular, oval or squared in shape and long handle which can accommodate two hands, this historical Japanese made sword is designed to give you a convenient handling.

Thanks to its full length tang and ultra sharp blade as well as the convenient and firm grip of the handle. This is definitely your best option if you really want a quality stuff that offers great value for your money.

Made of sturdy materials and manually curated , it’s a must-have in your collections and will definitely stand the test of time.



The overall length of the blade is 40.5 inch (107cm). The blade itself has a lengt of 27.5 inches (70cm) and the length of the handle measures 10.2 inch (27cm).

The blade with near the habaki is 1.2 inch (3.2cm). The thickness of the blade is 0.2 inches (0.7cm)

Sturdy blade material:

This Katana Sword comes with a sturdy hand forged T1060 carbon steel HTC ;55 blade which gives it the rugged and glaring nature and will never seize to impress whenever the services is needed.

The blade is hand forged using  the ancient sword forging processes and polished with the use of sharpen stone of multiple  grades in the Japanese way. This powerful sword is designed to inflict a maximum cut on its subject with minimal strike.

Sharp edged:

This samurai Katana sharp edged sword is renowned for its courage. It’s tang is of a full length and this gives it an enhanced strength and potentiality.

With this sword,a single strike is sufficient to slice through a thick bamboo tree as the blade is sharp enough to slice an A4 paper.

Handle material:

This samurai sword comes with a handle of 26cm length and this handle is well crafted using a combination of hardwood, silk ito, rayskin saya materials and silk sageo.

Free Shipping:

This amazing samurai sword will be shipped completely free. It will be packed gorillaproof and will be delivered at your frontdoor. This is a “must have” for your samurai sword collection.

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Here’s another look at the features of this handmade japanese samurai sword:

  • Blade material: 1060 carbon steel
  • Full Tang katana
  • Handmade according to the japanese ancient method
  • Hand Forged steel
  • Total lengt = 40.5 inch
  • Strong blade cuts thru bamboo threes
  • Sharp blade slices thru paper
  • Amazing quality for amazing price
  • Free shipping

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