Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword Katana

Check out this amazing Musashi Samurai Sword Katana made with high temper carbon steel. The Musashi Samuria Swords are coveted by sword fans all over the world because it is synonymous with, Miyamoto Musashi, the legend himself. This sword is completely battle ready and razor sharp

Musashi samurai sword katanaA Must Have Samurai Sword

If you are a real samurai sword collector you just must have a   Musashi Samurai sword in your collection. Musashi is the Babe Ruth of the samurai and owning an authentic Musashi sword makes you complete as a sword collector. Miyamoto Musashi was the best samurai warrior in the history of mankind with all different sizes of swords. He was a master with the longer samurai sword, called a Daito, and also mastered the art of samurai with tha Wakizashi, a medium sized sword.

Razor Sharp Graceful Katana Sword

This katana sword is one of the Raiden series Sakura tree Katana, it is a quick and very powerful blade. These graceful katanas made in the mountains of china with the old ways. All of these Katana’s are battle ready, full tang and razor shorp, every sword has been carefully hand sharpened to boast it razor sharp.

This Musashi sword comes from the Hand Honed series, it is full tang and can be disassembled fully. The samurai sword is made from Hangan (Single hard steel created by the Maru method) with high temper carbon steel. This samurai katana sword comes in a beautiful decorative display.

Feel Like A Real Warlord

It is a legitimate damascus steel sword with an incredibly beautiful blade color. the quality and craftsmanship of this beauty is really amazing and it only costs $129.99. When you order it now, it will be delivered at your frontdoor in a special box to protect this awesome Masushi handmade full tang damascus steel Samurai Sword Katana.


  • 40 1/4″ Hand forged samurai sword from the greatest samurai of them all. You will feel like a warlord with this sword in your hand.
  • T10+45 steel, damascus blade, ray skin, Zinc alloy tsuba
  • Raiden series Sakura Tree Katana Hand Honed
  • Damascus with high temper razor sharp carbon steel.
  • Aodized incredible and beautiful Red Blade color.

This amazing sword will be the centerpiece of your collection. It will be the best sword you have, BUY IT or its your loss.


check it outMusashi samurai sword katana








ASIN: B00D7S64Y8





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  1. Davy

    This is my first samurai sword and i’m hooked now.

  2. Jordan

    Good sword for slicing melons. Will buy here again

  3. Didier

    I got this for my birthday, love it. feels really good to handle

  4. Ray

    This is a really good Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword. Looks really nice and feels just perfect

  5. Samurai sword collector

    Very nice handmade samurai sword. Like it says in the description, it is the centerpiece of my collection

  6. Poppy

    Best sword in my collection yet

  7. Shasta

    Like this sword, my friends want the same one but couldn’t find them anymore. Maybe they will be back soon

  8. nico

    Good decent sword. Good quality for a decent price

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