Dragon Tsuba Samurai Sword Black Scabbard

Fully Handmade Samurai Sword with Dragon Tsuba

Full tang Japanese katana with black scabbard and high steel carbon blade

auway samurai sword dragon tsuba black scabbard

Auway 40 inch samurai sword – 100% handmade – Japanese katana – High carbon steel – Full tang blade – Cut thru bamboo – Slices paper – Extremely sharp – Stunning workmanship – Amazing quality – Amazing price




If perhaps you have ever been in the constant search of a very reliable kind of a sword named the katana samurai sword which have been made by reputable companies but perhaps has lost priority purchasing from brands that don’t stand by their words.

Invariably you might have lost your sense of taste and searching because you may have discovered that the market has embraced been flooded with the fake product.

You may perhaps have all the discretion to search. why? because Auway is the benchmark of all the products. These unique master piece has been manually crafted to been able to give a preceded impression that the quality cannot just be easily changed despite various sub standards that are in the market globally.

Apparently, you may need the katana samurai swords and will definitely erase the way you view katana samurai swords. These product is like a rainbow in-sight and indeed is very appropriate if you could recommend it to your friends and loved ones because it’s not common to be found in the market anyhow. You may need to consider an opportune for the scarce opportunity. You need to make heist while the swords are still in stocks.


Excellent craftmanship:

Obviously an Auway katana samurai sword is a manually made 100% masterpiece. it was invented by applying the Chinese origin techniques that was created by applying the traditional sword making techniques.

These techniques involved quenching and hand polishing, tempering, annealing with a multi dynamic grade sharpening stone. Notably this is an awesome representation of creativity in our human imagination.


The length of the amazing samurai sword is about 40 inches that is invariably around 102 cm. the blade length is about 28 inches that invariably around 72cm and the handle length is about 10.4 inches that is also around 26.5cm, making it totally weighing the Auway katana 2.4 lb that is about 1.1kg.

Sharp edged samurai sword:

More often it is usually designed and hardened in a premium stainless steel which the blade length is designed as long as 72cm that is around 28 inches and it is usually sharpened often by the Japanese and they usually have a standard and the weight is about 1.1kg.

Furthermore, it is then transformed into an ultra-efficient sword that is glary and also strong enough to cut down a bamboo tree in just a strike and it is sharp enough also to slice an A4 paper.

And this very powerful weapon needs to be handled with caution.

Manually polished blade:

Usually all the units of the Auway katana samurai sword are all been meticulously handily polished and curated.

And also the Auway katana samurai was done and designed with 12 different ancient sword and various polishing techniques too, invariably making the sword a strong glare whenever it is been wavered in the air often enough.

Convenient black cotton wrapped handle:

Also largely seen the Auway katana samurai sword often comes with a convenient handle and these handle is often made of very high quality products named the alloy guard Tsuba, with a very unique fine bamboo carvings and if is usually wrapped in a golden cord.

And finally a beautiful wooden sheath is complimented with it most often.

Historic Chinese art:

In the early days the Auway katana samurai sword can be traced down historically of the Chinese sword making which is about 2600 years ago from now.

It is an undying artefact that will obviously outlast all the item you might perhaps have in your gallery.

Amazing price for this Amazing sword:

Apparently, on a norms the price you should be expecting for this kind of samurai sword is around $300, obviously which makes it not just an average and every day katana.

Obviously today might be your lucky day, why because we can give you a take away special warrior price for these awesome samurai swords, if you consider our special warrior price on these samurai swords, you would definitely have a rethink and place an order for one.

Free shipping:

This amazing Auway samurai sword is being sold and shipped by a seller located in the USA. It will be delivered at your frontdoor and your katana will be packed gorilla proof.

Now, for a limited time only, It will be shipped to you at no extra costs. Shipping is completely free.

Collectors item:

This is an amazing samurai sword that can’t be missing from your collection. This high full tang katana with dragon tsuba is a real collectors item.

In total there are 6 different auway samurai swords! You can choose one or you can collect all 6. Take advantage of our special warrior discount and complete your collection.


  • 40 inch samurai sword
  • High steel carbon blade
  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Dragon Tsuba
  • Cotton wrapped convenient handle
  • USA seller
  • Slice paper, cut bamboo
  • 100% handmade
  • Full tang katana
  • Battle ready
  • Hand polished
  • Extremely sharp
  • Amazing quality
  • Amazing price
  • Historic Chinese art
  • Collectors item
  • Free shipping
  • Special Warrior discount

Enjoy our series of quality, reliable products and join our happy customers today. Click on the “Special Warrior Price” button and buy now!


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Video’s – Auway Japanese samurai swords – 6 different styles:


Dragon Tsuba – Black Scabbard



Characters Tsuba – Black Scabbard



Bamboo Tsuba – Gold edition



Octagon Tsuba – Red Scabbard



Orchid Tsuba – Red Scabbard



Rose Tsuba – Wood Color Scabbard




More pictures:

See pictures of all 6 amazing samurai swords in the Auway collection!
  1. Bamboo Tsuba – Gold:

bamboo Tsuba - Gold



2) Characters Tsuba – Black scabbard

Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-4
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-3
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-2
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-1
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-knob
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-handle
Auway-samurai-sword- Characters-Tsuba-Black-scabbard-blade



3) Dragon Tsuba – Black scabbard




4) Octagon Tsuba – Black scabbard




5) Orchid Tsuba – Red scabbard



6) Rose Tsuba – Wood color scabbard







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