Double Ninja Swords with Sheath

Take a look at this amazing double Ninja sword with sheath. This is the ultimate collectors item for all avid collectors of the ancient material arts.

Double Ninja SwordTwo swords become one ninja sword

The two swords can be wielded together as a single sword.This is possible because of the magnets that are in the tip of the blades. So they wil stick together and you can use them as one blade. And when the competition gets worse and there will be more warriors to fight, you just take them apart and you have two ninja swords to figth with.

Special made handles on both ninja swords

The handles of the double ninja sword are flat on the inside and rounded at the outside. The inside has been made flat so the two sword can better fit together as one sword.The outside has been rounded so both ninja swords have a good grip when you use them seperately. As finfishing touch both of the handles have been wrapped in black nylon for an even better grip when you go into battle.

Very Sharp and Sturdyninja swords

Both of the ninja swords are very sharp and sturdy, so be careful when you handle them. For shipping they will be packed very well so that there will be no risk of being cut. The double ninja sword comes with a black sheath. you can hang the ninja sword holder on your back or over your shoulder,or you can even attach it to your belt so you can grab it fast and easily.

This amazing ninja sword is a must have for all collectors of material arts. This double ninja sword cannot be missing in your collection, it is a great sword for display. If you are a real ninja collector or a real ninja warrior, than this is perfect for you. Set your inner warrior free with this beautiful ninja sword now.

Black sheathLow price / High Quality

For an amazing price of only 26 dollar you won’t find any better than this. It is the best quality ninja sword you can find in this price range. More than 200 satisfied customers has already seen the beauty of this double ninja sword.

Order this amazing looking ninja sword today before the price goes up again or before it’s sold out. It will be delivered at your frontdoor and it will be packed gorilla proof. So what you waiting for, buy it now and become the ultimate ninja warrior.


• Both ninja swords can be wielded together and become one ninja sword
Nylon handles are specially made with a flat side and a round side for better grip
Magnets in the tips to hold the two swords together as one
• Both ninja swords can be used individually
• Perfect for Ninja collectors of the ancient martial arts
• Comes with a black sheath

Have fun with this double ninja sword, I know you will.

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  1. Nomad

    This is the real thing. Love this ninja sword

  2. fireproof

    Double Ninja Swords Become One Amazing Ninja Sword. Like this ninja stuff

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