Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

Handmade samurai swordYou are looking at an amazing Handmade Crane Samurai sword. This well balanced 40 inch Japanese katana sword is full tang and the blade is handmade from high carbon steel that is hammered out. This makes that the carbon of the blade is distributed evenly throughout the blade, wich results in a consistent hardness.

Razor Sharp Carbon Steel Blade

The 28 inch long blade is also razor sharp, it makes very clear cuts and will show no signs of wear and still have a very sharp edge. The carbon steel  is better than stainless steel because it is much more durable. After using it, just clean it well and keep it lightly oiled to keep it in perfect shape.

Samurai sword katanaElegant Wing Spreading Crane Tsuba

This amazing samuria sword has an elegant dancing crane Tsuba, the cut out steel design of the Tsuba is very beautiful and represents a crane spreading its wings. The sheathe is a black hard plastic with a nice wood liner and has a nice finishing touch with the black cord.

This katana sword is not only amazing to use, but it is also great for display. The elegant yet simple design would be a real eyecatcher in your collection. We highly recommend this amazing handmade crane samurai sword katana.

Amazing price / Amazing Samurai Swordhigh carbon steel blade

For an amazing price of only $46,45 you won’t find anything better. With already more than 160 satisfied costumers who bougth this handmade samurai sword, this is probably one the best katanas you will find in this price range

So don’t wait and order this today and you will get free shipping. And whithin 48 hours, when you open your frontdoor, there will be a package for you containing your new collectors item. You won’t regret buying this really beautiful handmade crane samurai katana razor sharp katana sword.


  • Amazing Handmade Samurai Sword Katana
  • 40 inch well balanced full tang sword
  • 28 inch razor sharp high carbon steel blade
  • beautiful dancing crane Tsuba
  • Elegant yet simple design
  • Black sheath with woodliner and black cord for better grip
  • Amazing price for an Amazing Sword


Video “Samurai Sword Classic Crane Tsuba”



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More Pictures:

samurai swordblack sheath with black cordRazor Sharp katana swordRazor sharp blade





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  1. Zombie killer

    Just killed 3 zombies with this sword, ready for more

  2. Yves

    Nice looking handmade samurai sword. The crane tsuba is very nice

  3. Gregory

    Nice site, nice looking swords. Think i’m gonna buy this one

  4. Marilou

    Just bought it, can’t wait to get it

  5. Nancy

    I discovered your Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword here and bougth it immediately. And no regrets here, really love the crane Tsuba and it’s an amazing samurai sword.

  6. Brian

    This really is a wonderfull sword. I must say it’s most certainly worth the money i paid it. If you’re not sure to buy this one, just go for it. You won’t regret it.

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