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Here at you will find all kind of samurai swords, some are for training and some are for decoration. But the real warrior wants his samurai sword razor sharp, he wants the real thing. Whether it is for slicing melons into pieces or for killing zombies, they just want their blade to be razor sharp. For those true warriors we created a special category named “Razor Sharp”. Here you will find the best and coolest collection of razor sharp samurai swords and other swords. It doesn’t matter if it’s a samurai sword or a ninja sword or any other swords. When it is razor sharp, you will find it here. Just let your warrior come out and let him decide what kind of sword he (or she, remember xena) likes. Remember, razor sharp swords are only to protect you against zombies or to cut your food. Don’t play with it and loose those other three fingers. Also don’t forget to take a look at our other swords you will find here. I’m sure there’s something extra you will find here to give your inner warrior as a present.

Double Ninja Swords with Sheath

Take a look at this amazing double Ninja sword with sheath. This is the ultimate collectors item for all avid collectors of the ancient material arts. Two swords become one ninja sword The two swords can be wielded together as a single sword.This is possible because of the magnets that are in the tip of …

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Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

You are looking at an amazing Handmade Crane Samurai sword. This well balanced 40 inch Japanese katana sword is full tang and the blade is handmade from high carbon steel that is hammered out. This makes that the carbon of the blade is distributed evenly throughout the blade, wich results in a consistent hardness. Razor …

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Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword Katana

Check out this amazing Musashi Samurai Sword Katana made with high temper carbon steel. The Musashi Samuria Swords are coveted by sword fans all over the world because it is synonymous with, Miyamoto Musashi, the legend himself. This sword is completely battle ready and razor sharp A Must Have Samurai Sword If you are a …

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Handmade White Zetsurin Sharp Katana Samurai Sword

Your looking at a beautiful Zetsurin Samurai sword (Zetsurin means unparalleled flawlessness).  A Katana Sword that is fully handmade and is been constructed from high carbon steel with a maru lamination. This sword is perfectly balanced and the blades are razor sharp and battle ready, this sword comes full tang. This fully mounted shira saya …

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Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Katana Samurai Sword

Check out this extremely well built handmade japanese samurai sword. One of the best balanced swords in this price range. When you take the handmade sword, you will feel that it weights very little but it’s still a very strong samurai sword. Now lets take a look at the blade of the sword. It is …

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