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At you can find the best functional swords out there. We have a fine collection of samurai swords ready to join your collection. Some of the swords are allready battle functional, others are just for training or for showing off. Therefore we created a special category for the functional samurai swords so you can find them with one easy click. In here you can find all kind of functional swords like samurai swords, fantasy swords, medieval swords, and so on …. So do you believe you need more training? Or are you ready for the real stuff, then come and get a funtional sword from our huge collection of swords. If you are not ready for killing zombies yet, then just take a look at our other categories like training swords and sword stands.

Zombie Green Katana Ninja Samurai Sword

Zombie Green Katana Ninja Samurai Sword A perfect gift or collectors item Zombie Hunter Green Katana. Total length of this Samurai is 40 inch with a 27 inch high carbon steel blade. Wooden handle wrapped in green cord. Black blade with green “blood spatter” silk printing. Amazing price!   Summary Zombie Hunter Green Samurai Sword …

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Shijian Full Tang Samurai Sword

SHIJIAN FULL TANG CARBON STEEL CLAY TEMPERED SWORD Take a look at this amazing shijian Samurai Sword. A full tang katana with 1095 high carbon steel blade. The 40 inch clay tempered Katana is real sharp and wil cut thru anything. Buy this samurai sword and enter the world of the legends!     The …

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Musashi Samurai Sword Best Miyamoto

Musashi Samurai Sword – Best Miyamoto – 1060 Steel Check out this amazing Musashi samurai sword! A best Miyamoto sword, completely handmade and traditionally hand forged by the Muku-Kitae method. The 1060 high carbon steel blade is thick and razor sharp and can be bend 45 degrees.     This Musashi samurai sword is well …

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Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword Set

Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword Set With Display Stand “Bill and Bride” Collection Amazing Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword set with Stainless steel blades. The beautiful simulated ray skin covers the handles with Traditional pattern black cord wraps. Check out this very nice sword set that comes from the “Bill and Bride” collection!     Samurai Swords …

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Handmade Musashi Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword + Free Sword Bag

  Take a look at this hand crafted full tang wakizashi samurai sword and the Masusha ring Tsuba. This is a well balanced razor sharp sword with a blade made of 1045 high carbon steel. This Japanese samurai sword can be used for self defence or for practice. This samurai sword is named after the …

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All Hand Made Byakuya Kuchiki Senbonzakura Samurai Sword

This amazing samurai sword is fully handmade. A fully functional sword that measures 40”. A blood groove blade made of high carbon steel that has a length of 26”. This best price samurai sword has a deep blue scabbard that is wrapped with a blue cord around the sageo and the handle made of hardwood. …

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See This Replica Ichigo Tensa Handmade Katana Sword

Take a look at this amazing Handmade Replica Ichigo Tensa Katana Sword. This is an almost perfect and excellent full tang Katana Replica. The Ichigo Bankai Samurai sword is full tang and is full functional. This amazing Katana sword has an overall lenght of 41 inches, You will notice that is is very sturdy from …

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