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The best samurai swords you can find are full tang. If you one to be 100 percent sure of the best quality, always go for a full tang sword. They are the strongest swords and will last a lifetime. Here at we created a special section where we collected all the full tang swords you can find on our site. Doesn’t matter if you want a Japanese sword or a fantasy sword or any other kind of sword. If it’s full tang you will find it here. Now, if you are a real warrior, you will most certainly go for the real stuff. That kind of sword that does the job. So you have to go for a full tang sword that is razor sharp and made of Damascus steel. Of course it has to be a hand forged sword to make it all perfect. Just check out all of our swords and you will find the perfect one that matches your inner warrior

Handmade Samurai Sword Japanese Wakizashi Full Tang Sharp Edge Knife

Check out this really amazing japanese Wakizashi samurai sword. This is a high quality full tang samurai sword that is hand polished and has beautiful ornaments and measures 30.7 inches. The blade is made from 1060 carbon steel and has a blood groove (long Hi) on both sides. For the moment you can get this …

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All Hand Made Byakuya Kuchiki Senbonzakura Samurai Sword

This amazing samurai sword is fully handmade. A fully functional sword that measures 40”. A blood groove blade made of high carbon steel that has a length of 26”. This best price samurai sword has a deep blue scabbard that is wrapped with a blue cord around the sageo and the handle made of hardwood. …

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Japanese Handmade Katana Samurai Sword Sharp Orchid

Check out this amazing handmade Orchid Katana. A Samurai sword made from the Japanese tradition where the Orchid was the symbol of the fortitude, training and bravery of the samurai . Many Samurai has travelled extremely long distances and extreme perfil searching for wild orchids to return for public acclaim. This samurai sword is battle …

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See This Replica Ichigo Tensa Handmade Katana Sword

Take a look at this amazing Handmade Replica Ichigo Tensa Katana Sword. This is an almost perfect and excellent full tang Katana Replica. The Ichigo Bankai Samurai sword is full tang and is full functional. This amazing Katana sword has an overall lenght of 41 inches, You will notice that is is very sturdy from …

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Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

You are looking at an amazing Handmade Crane Samurai sword. This well balanced 40 inch Japanese katana sword is full tang and the blade is handmade from high carbon steel that is hammered out. This makes that the carbon of the blade is distributed evenly throughout the blade, wich results in a consistent hardness. Razor …

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Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword, Budk Exclusive

Check out this amazing looking Ninja Sword from BudK exclusive. This secret agent tactical ninja sword has a full tang construction with a 440 stainless steel black finish. The blade is sharpened and is combat ready for any action you desire, it is very sharp and makes the weapon more versatile. This Ninja blade looks …

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Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword Katana

Check out this amazing Musashi Samurai Sword Katana made with high temper carbon steel. The Musashi Samuria Swords are coveted by sword fans all over the world because it is synonymous with, Miyamoto Musashi, the legend himself. This sword is completely battle ready and razor sharp A Must Have Samurai Sword If you are a …

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Handmade White Zetsurin Sharp Katana Samurai Sword

Your looking at a beautiful Zetsurin Samurai sword (Zetsurin means unparalleled flawlessness).  A Katana Sword that is fully handmade and is been constructed from high carbon steel with a maru lamination. This sword is perfectly balanced and the blades are razor sharp and battle ready, this sword comes full tang. This fully mounted shira saya …

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Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Katana Samurai Sword

Check out this extremely well built handmade japanese samurai sword. One of the best balanced swords in this price range. When you take the handmade sword, you will feel that it weights very little but it’s still a very strong samurai sword. Now lets take a look at the blade of the sword. It is …

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