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If you are looking for a sword that lasts forever, you better take a sword that is made of Damascus steel. This steel was developed in India around 300 B.C. and is considered one of the hardest steels for swords available. They say that a Damascus steel sword can cut thru a barrel, and if you drop a hair on the Damascus steel blade, the hair will be cut into two pieces. It is without saying that a real samurai fighter will always take a samurai sword that is made of Damascus steel. So if you are looking for the best swords out there, you look for a hand forged, full tang, razor sharp Damascus steel sword. If you own a sword like this, you will win every fight there is. And only the greatest warriors win all fights. So what are you waiting for, winner.

Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

You are looking at an amazing Handmade Crane Samurai sword. This well balanced 40 inch Japanese katana sword is full tang and the blade is handmade from high carbon steel that is hammered out. This makes that the carbon of the blade is distributed evenly throughout the blade, wich results in a consistent hardness. Razor …

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Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword Katana

Check out this amazing Musashi Samurai Sword Katana made with high temper carbon steel. The Musashi Samuria Swords are coveted by sword fans all over the world because it is synonymous with, Miyamoto Musashi, the legend himself. This sword is completely battle ready and razor sharp A Must Have Samurai Sword If you are a …

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