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When you are standing there in the middle of the battlefield, your surrounded by your enemies, then you better have a sword that is battle ready. You really don’t want to go to war with a training sword. Here at we made a special category called “Battle Swords” for those who need it right away. These swords are already made ready to go to battle and to be your best wingman. Most of the battle swords are already razor sharp. They are of good quality and ready to serve their master.

See This Replica Ichigo Tensa Handmade Katana Sword

Take a look at this amazing Handmade Replica Ichigo Tensa Katana Sword. This is an almost perfect and excellent full tang Katana Replica. The Ichigo Bankai Samurai sword is full tang and is full functional. This amazing Katana sword has an overall lenght of 41 inches, You will notice that is is very sturdy from …

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Samurai Wooden Training Bokken Black 39-Inch Overall

This black wooden samurai training bokken is perfect to practice and perfect your samurai skills. This is the perfect samurai training sword for your exercise. You will notice that the weight and the length are just the same as your other katana, and therefore is perfect for your training Quality Samurai Training Bokken This is …

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Double Ninja Swords with Sheath

Take a look at this amazing double Ninja sword with sheath. This is the ultimate collectors item for all avid collectors of the ancient material arts. Two swords become one ninja sword The two swords can be wielded together as a single sword.This is possible because of the magnets that are in the tip of …

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Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword, Budk Exclusive

Check out this amazing looking Ninja Sword from BudK exclusive. This secret agent tactical ninja sword has a full tang construction with a 440 stainless steel black finish. The blade is sharpened and is combat ready for any action you desire, it is very sharp and makes the weapon more versatile. This Ninja blade looks …

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Handmade Full Tang Musashi Samurai Sword Katana

Check out this amazing Musashi Samurai Sword Katana made with high temper carbon steel. The Musashi Samuria Swords are coveted by sword fans all over the world because it is synonymous with, Miyamoto Musashi, the legend himself. This sword is completely battle ready and razor sharp A Must Have Samurai Sword If you are a …

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Handmade White Zetsurin Sharp Katana Samurai Sword

Your looking at a beautiful Zetsurin Samurai sword (Zetsurin means unparalleled flawlessness).  A Katana Sword that is fully handmade and is been constructed from high carbon steel with a maru lamination. This sword is perfectly balanced and the blades are razor sharp and battle ready, this sword comes full tang. This fully mounted shira saya …

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